When it comes to floor grinding, we talk a lot about the large floor grinders, able to tackle thousands of square feet with ease. However, you know that smaller projects, like garages and basements are just as important as the big ones. That’s why the Prep/Master Jr. Electric Floor Grinder is a customer favorite and a consistently good seller!

Check out the durability of the Prep/Master Jr. in the video below!

Why You Need a Prep/Master Jr. Electric Floor Grinder

Having a more powerful, larger floor grinder is ideal for large spaces, like warehouses and commercial garages. However, trying to maneuver large equipment in a small space that’s only a few hundred square feet, like a garage or a basement is challenging. Additionally, those large grinders can’t access hard to reach areas, like behind stairs, around columns or support poles, or on stairs or steps. 

The Prep/Master Jr. is designed for spaces up to 1,000 square feet, and can tackle those tasks with ease. With a working width of 23 inches, you can cover spaces quickly, but more importantly, it’s powerful motor and heavy head pressure results in outstanding grinding and polishing capability. 

Additionally, the Prep/Master Jr. electric floor grinder is easy to take apart into two sections so you can transport it and move it around without difficulty. It even has an on-board USB charger and phone carrier for added convenience!

The Prep/Master Jr. Floor Grinder Holds Up

As you can see in the video above, the Prep/Master Jr. has built-in failsafes to ensure its durability. While you probably won’t be using a compact grinder to flatten a half-inch lip (we’d recommend a scarifier), there are times when hitting these things are unavoidable, especially if there is a thick floor coating hiding these kinds of issues.

If the grinder hits overly rough areas, beyond what can feasibly be handled by a grinder, it will bounce a bit to let you know to turn it off. However, like you saw in the video above, if you hit a sharp lip or “speed bump” or something like that, it will shut down, rather than get damaged. This allows you to make the right adjustments to your surface preparation plan without having to worry about your equipment breaking down!

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