Designed for small, medium, and large surface preparation tasks, the IMPACTS S320RD is a ride-on shot blaster that offers the power you need to get the job done effectively coupled with the easy maneuverability and intuitive operation to make it a enjoyable to operate and use. Want to see the S320RD in action? Watch the video below!

Innovation You Need in a Shot Blaster

IMPACTS is a leading manufacturer of shot blasters, known for their innovation in design as well as their durability and functionality. The S320RD is no exception. With a 28HP, propane-powered engine and a 12.6-inch working width, you can cover over 2,000 square feet in an hour.

A hydraulic pump allows you to drive forward and in reverse as well as raise the machine up and down, while the blast wheel is controlled by a centrifugal clutch. 

Maintaining a clean workspace is also possible with the S320RD as the Dustcom 3324 dust collector comes on board, so you don’t need to attach hoses, while the dustbin itself is easy to empty and clean with the all-in-one lifting lock and rugged design. 

A Comfortable Ride-On Shot Blaster

Reduce operator fatigue on large projects with a comfortable seat and easy-to-use steering wheel. The steering wheel and convenient handling make it easy to turn around to go back over places and keep an even, steady path necessary to get the consistent profile you need.

Learn More about the IMPACTS S320 RD Shot Blaster

If you are considering a large shot blaster to add to your surface preparation equipment inventory or need to replace an existing machine, the IMPACTS S320RD offers the power, durability, and reliability you need. To learn more, contact the shot blaster experts today at (815) 472-9754 or by filling out our contact form