Instead of spending much of your time and energy struggling with a manual floor scraper, it’s time to discover a better path to surface preparation! Using the ROLL Bullystripper 8-inch floor scraper, you can ditch the manual scraper and remove tile, carpet, and other floor coverings in a fraction of the time!

Watch the video to see the Bullystripper in action!


A Floor Scraper for All Projects

The ROLL Bullystripper 8-inch scraper is part of the ROLL GmbH line of surface preparation equipment. Known for their durable, powerful equipment built with German innovation, ROLL GmbH scrapers can tackle tough projects with ease, and the Bullystripper is no exception.

Despite it’s compact size, it’s equipped with a 3HP, 120V motor that operates a powerful rotating cutter and a sharp, durable blade. The cutter reduces operator fatigue and does the hard work for you, stripping away surfaces and floor coverings including: 

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • CV
  • PVC

This allows you to get the surface preparation part of your task done quickly, saving you valuable labor and increasing efficiency!

A Compact Floor Scraper for Any Task

Weighing only 32 pounds, the Bullystripper floor scraper offers a compact design with an 8-inch working width, so it can fit in stairwells and other compact areas without difficulty.  In addition to being lightweight, the design is easy to operate and handles comfortably, so even large areas can be cleared with ease. Best of all, the t-bar handle that provides comfortable operation in an upright position so it can be used in open, flat areas is removable. This allows you to turn your floor scraper into an electric, hand-held option that you can use in small spaces, such as closets, stairwells, and other tight areas.  

With a variety of floor scraper replacement parts and accessories, you can keep the Bullystripper in excellent working condition while enjoying a customized experience depending on your needs. In addition to standard blades, the “plus” option offers higher wear resistance while the u-shaped blade works well on softer surfaces.

Learn More About the BullyStripper 8-Inch Floor Scraper

The ROLL Bullystripper is a great addition to your equipment inventory, whether you have a rental business or provide flooring, surface preparation, or other renovation and construction services. To learn more about this product or get a complimentary quote, contact our product experts today at (815) 472-9711.