If you’ve added an IMPACTS S270E-75R shot blaster to your inventory of surface preparation equipment, let us congratulate you on your investment! The S270E-75R is a powerful, durable shot blaster that’s great for both small tasks and large projects. To help you get the most out of the machine and extend its lifespan, we’re going to walk you through some best practices and share a handy list of do’s and don’ts. Also, be sure to watch the video below to see the S270E-75R in action!

Getting to Know Your Shot Blaster

The IMPACTS S270E-75R is equipped with a 240-volt power supply and a 10 HP, 3-phase motor, making it a powerful option, especially for its compact size. The integrated brake, tri-cycle wheel design, and adjustable drive handle ensures that it’s comfortable and convenient to operate. 

Featuring an optimized separation system, as shot cycles down from the hopper, it hits the surface and is then pulled back in a circular design. This allows dust and debris to get filtered out while the valuable shot can be used over and over. 

Additionally, this shot blaster is the only “forward walking” 10-inch blaster that can also be used as an edger by installing the included side panel. 

Before Using Your Shot Blaster 

Before you start blasting, we recommend a few steps first. Fill up the hopper with 330 shot, and make sure you prime the magnet before its first use. Simply pour some shot on the floor and roll your machine over the pile while it’s off to pick up all the shot. This creates a barrier to the floor with shot and prevents shot from escaping out of the blaster.

Becoming Familiar with Your S270E Control Panel

It’s important to feel comfortable with the control panel before you start actively operating the S270E-75R. You’ll see at the top a control start/stop switch, blast wheel start/stop switch, speed dial, plus your hour meter and amp meter. There is also a blast wheel selection switch. 

Of course the control switch starts your controls, the blast wheel switch powers up the blast wheel, while the speed dial allows you to vary your speed. The hour meter lets you know how long the machine has been in use and lets you track when to perform maintenance. 

Regarding your blast wheel selection switch that changes the rotation of the motor. You need to make sure your motor is operating in the same direction as the arrow on your machine every time you start your machine.  Anytime you change power sources, it can change the rotation of your motor, so you need to verify your motor direction and switch if necessary. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Your IMPACTS Shot Blaster

Now that your magnet is primed, you know your control panel, and you’ve verified that the motor is going in the right direction, you’re ready to blast. Follow these best practices to ensure you’re getting the best performance and extending the life of your shot blaster:

  • Do check your screen before each use to remove large debris.
  • Do start moving forward immediately after turning on your blaster.
  • Do not idle in one place with your blaster going as it will dig a hole in your surface.
  • Do always walk forward as the shot only cycles one way through the machine.
  • Do not walk backward while the machine is blasting.
  • Do not tilt the machine back while it is blasting shot.
  • Do take advantage of the three-wheel design to make tight turns and overlap your last path the width of the magnet.
  • Do replace your blast wheel every 50 hours.
  • Do replace your liners every 100 hours and check them regularly for wear. 
  • Do get your edging done fast by attaching the included edger plate!

Learn More About the IMPACTS S270E-75R Shot Blaster

If you’d like to learn more about the IMPACTS S270E-75R or get a complimentary quote to see if it’s right for your company, talk to a product expert today at 815-472-9754.