If you’re using a floor grinder during your surface preparation task, you need to make sure your grinder is positioned to ensure an even grind and polish. To help you achieve this, we’re walking you through the steps you need to take to level your Prep/Master 2807 floor grinder

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Why You Need Your Floor Grinder Level

When you’re using a floor grinder, the head needs to be parallel to the floor. If it’s tipped too far forward or back, or if it’s tilted to far on one side, you won’t get a clean contact with the floor, grinding more heavily on one side than the other. Worst case scenario, if your grinder isn’t level, you could damage your equipment and cause heavy gouges into the floor that will be difficult to even out. 

You want the end result to be that the head of your grinder is parallel to the surface. In some cases, such as when you’re on a slope or a ramp, that means you have to adjust the angle of the head in order to match the angle of the slope. 

Signs Your Floor Grinder is Not Level

While it’s easy to see gouges and severe issues, most off-balance grinders are less easy to tell. However, if you see that one side is not cutting as hard or is cutting much harder than the other, that means you need to adjust the head to the right or the left. You’ll also feel more of a 

How to Level Your Grinder

First, you’ll want to make sure your grinder is on a level surface to start and make sure you have a 24mm wrench handy. You’ll loosen the four large nuts on the back of the head on each side of the pocket weights. Next, you’ll level the head and hold it in place while you tighten the nuts. This levels the whole unit. 

If you see that one side is sitting higher or lower, you can adjust how the pressure is to create right-left adjustments. To increase pressure on one side, loosen the top nut a half turn at a time and tighten the bottom nut. To decrease pressure on one side, tighten the top a half a turn at a time and loosen the bottom.   

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