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What Are Shot Blasters Used For?

One of the questions we get asked pretty frequently here at BMD is “Do I need a shot blaster?” or something similar like “What are shot blasters used for?” To those questions we answer, “Yes,” and “Everything.” Shot blasters are one of the more effective and useful pieces of equipment you should invest in if […]

How to Replace Commercial Floor Scraper Blades

Knowing how to replace your commercial floor scraper blade is one of the key pieces of maintenance you have to know. When you’re transporting your floor scraper, to prevent damage or injury, you’ll want to remove the blade and store it separately. Additionally, there are times when you’ll need to replace  ineffective blades, such as […]

When to Replace Commercial Floor Scraper Blades

Commercial floor scrapers allow you to quickly remove almost any type of floor covering from carpet and vinyl sheet to rubber mastic. They can even be used to take up old tennis court and playground surfaces. However, your scraper is only as effective as the blade you’re using – a chipped or dull blade just […]

How to Remove an Acid Stain from Polished Concrete

While you want your polished concrete to look attractive and smooth for as long as possible, accidents happen, especially in high-traffic areas or commercial work spaces. When working with muriatic acid or other acidic materials, spills can damage your polished concrete, creating unsightly, unattractive spots. Fortunately, just like we can repair and remove scratches and […]

When to Choose Shot Blasting Instead of Floor Grinding

If you have a surface that needs to be cleaned, profiled, or prepared to have a new coating laid down, you may be deciding what equipment will do the job right – a shot blaster or a floor grinder. We will walk you through some factors to consider to help you choose the right tool […]

How Thick Should Your Epoxy Coating Be?

Applying a thick, epoxy coating to a concrete floor is an excellent way to make your floors more durable and impact resistant while also offering an anti-fatigue cushioning. When you’re applying an epoxy coating, it is absolutely essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, especially regarding thickness and surface preparation.  We will go into more detail […]

How to Remove a Coating from a Garage Floor

If your concrete garage floors have an epoxy coating over them, and it’s beginning to show signs of wear and damage, you need to remove the coating before the concrete is damaged. When done correctly removing a coating from a garage floor can extend the life of your concrete and improve the look of your […]

How to Fix Glazed Diamonds on a Concrete Grinder

Using diamonds on your concrete grinder adds the grit you need to remove thick coatings like mastic or epoxy, and create a rough profile. However, if you’re grinding dry on hard concrete, the diamonds can glaze over, dulling their rough abrasive ability, preventing you from getting the results you need, and leading to longer hours […]

Grouting a Concrete Floor

Pin holes (sometimes called “bug holes”) in concrete are more than just unattractive surface voids, they can lead to cracks, gouges, and other issues that weaken your slab, reducing its lifespan and increasing then need for costly repairs. For coated surfaces, pinholes and pits lead to faster wear and unattractive peeling. Pinholes and surface voids […]

Troubleshooting an IMPACTS S210 Shot Blaster

The IMPACTS S210 shot blaster is a popular option because it is a compact shot blaster that offers the necessary power to profile concrete and remove existing coatings. It’s ideal for both residential and commercial surface preparation because it can fit into small spaces and is easy to transport and store.    One of the […]