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What Should I Charge for Polished Concrete

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we are often asked what a good rate to charge for polished concrete is. While there’s no set answer (wouldn’t that make things easier?), I want to use my own experiences as an example of what NOT to do when it comes to setting your prices. Factor in Overhead This is […]

What Is Concrete Densifier?

One of the steps we frequently mention when talking about polishing concrete is applying a concrete densifier. While we have talked about how many coats of concrete densifier to use or how to tell if you need densifier, we wanted to take a closer look at what this commonly used chemical is, how it works, […]

How to Diamond Grind a Concrete Floor

If you need to remove an old coating, smooth a rough surface, or prepare concrete for fresh epoxy or urethane, using a concrete floor grinder is often the best option. To get the best results in the quickest time, we recommend you diamond grind the concrete, meaning using diamond impregnated pads to open up the […]

Using a Modified Densifier Application on Soft Concrete

Soft Concrete floor Polishing We have all have encountered it from time to time… the dreaded soft concrete floor! The customer wants it polished — and you immediately want to run! Sometimes, though, a simple modified densifier application process may be all you need to create a polished concrete floor that has good reflectivity, the […]

From Blasted to Beautiful: Polishing Concrete Severely Damaged by Shot Blasting

Why Concrete Polishing is Difficult Concrete polishing can be a difficult-to-master process because concrete conditions vary widely. In any situation with concrete polishing, an existing surface is smoothed by grinding to reduce all inequalities so that the floor can be consistently polished. Similar to stone polishing, the more perfected the surface is to start with, […]

Floor Maintenance vs. Floor Restoration: Knowing When & How to Use Them

As surfaces are used, they become degraded by abrasion, contaminants, and moisture. Depending on the surface and its appropriateness to the environment, maintenance may be required more often to avoid the costly work of restoration. What is Floor Maintenance? To maintain a surface means that the process curates the already performing finish. Work is done […]