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Shot Blasting

How to Use a Shot Blaster

If you have recently purchased a shot blaster or are considering buying one for your surface preparation projects, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from it. Not only will it last longer, but it will get better results in less time. To help you achieve this goal, we’re walking you through […]

Guide to Shotblasting

When you’re dealing with concrete flooring, you need to first prep the area if you’re planning on adding overlays or any coatings and sealers. The best way to do this is by shot blasting. Shotblasting gives the floor’s surface the rough profile it needs so that coatings and sealers will bond to it. Shotblasting also […]

From Blasted to Beautiful: Polishing Concrete Severely Damaged by Shot Blasting

Concrete polishing can be a difficult-to-master process because concrete conditions vary widely. In any situation with concrete polishing, an existing surface is smoothed by grinding to reduce all inequalities so that the floor can be consistently polished. Similar to stone polishing, the more perfected the surface is to start with, the better the final result […]

The ABC’s of Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is like power washing and sandblasting except it’s done dry and is dustless. The concrete surface is left with a sandpaper-like profile to which new coatings will readily bond. In the case of floors that already have a rough profile, and simply need to be cleaned, shot blasting has the ability to follow […]