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What Is a Shot Blaster & When Should I Use It?

When it comes to preparing or working with a slab of concrete, choosing the right equipment is essential to getting the job done right. Concrete grinders, shot blasters, floor scrapers, and scarifiers are all options, but each one gets much different results, so, what’s a shot blaster, and when should you choose it over other […]

Does Shot Size Matter in a Shot Blaster?

If you are using a shot blaster to remove a coating, create a deeper surface profile or create a non-slip texture, there are three key factors that affect your performance: Travel speed: how fast or slowly you’re moving forward with the blaster; How much shot is released: If you have the valve wide open to […]

When Should You Replace Your Shot Blaster Liner?

When you’re operating your shot blaster, you’re seeing the effects of high velocity shot being propelled onto a surface. It’s powerful enough to remove paint, strip urethane coating, and create a rough, highly textured concrete surface. The same action you see outside of the shot blaster is occurring inside the shot blaster. To reduce wear […]

What Spare Parts Do You Need for a Shot Blaster

If you rely on a shot blaster for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, it’s important to make sure you have spare parts on hand in case something breaks or wears out. While we take pride in only carrying high-quality, durable shot blasters from IMPACTS Americas and Blastrac, we also understand that parts can break – […]

How to Use a Shot Blaster

If you have recently purchased a shot blaster or are considering buying one for your surface preparation projects, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from it. Not only will it last longer, but it will get better results in less time. To help you achieve this goal, we’re walking you through […]