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How to Choose Your Concrete Surface Profile

When you’re planning out your next surface preparation project, you need to know what concrete surface profile you’re trying to achieve before you choose the machine and strategy to do the job. To help you know what CSP you need for your next project and how to get it, we’re doing a break down if […]

Choosing Between a Floor Grinder and a Scarifier

When you’re planning your next surface preparation project, it’s important to choose the right equipment for the task at hand. If your goal is to remove a light urethane coating from a floor you’ll use a different machine than if you need to remove a thick layer of mastic coating. To help you determine which […]

Does Cord Length Affect Machine Power

If you’re shopping for an electric floor grinder, electric floor scraper or other piece of surface preparation equipment, you need something powerful to do the job right. Similarly, if you are already using these machines, you depend on them to improve productivity, get great results, and allow you to move on to the next step […]

What Is Concrete Densifier?

One of the steps we frequently mention when talking about polishing concrete is applying a concrete densifier. While we have talked about how many coats of concrete densifier to use or how to tell if you need densifier, we wanted to take a closer look at what this commonly used chemical is, how it works, […]

Why Are Prep/Master Floor Grinders So Expensive?

“Why are these Prep/Master floor grinders so expensive?” We get asked that a lot here at Buy Manufacturers Direct, and it’s understandable if you’ve just started looking for a floor grinding machine. After all, what sets Prep/Master apart from the other brands? Aren’t they basically all the same? Not quite. To help you understand what […]

Should You Buy a Propane or Electric Floor Grinder?

When it comes to buying a floor grinder, there are several options – a ride-on grinder or walk-behind model, planetary or rotary grinder, and also whether you should buy a propane or electric floor grinder. If you’re deciding between propane and electric, one is not better than the other, – in fact, from a performance […]