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Airtec Shaving Machines for Sale

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Airtec Shaving Machines for Sale

For intensive surface preparation tasks that need to be done quickly, an Airtec shaving machine is an excellent investment. Considered a type of scarifier, shaving machines use diamond blades to completely remove a top layer from concrete, asphalt, and cement, “shaving” the damaged portion away from the undamaged area. Buy Manufacturers Direct has Airtec shaving machines for sale because they offer outstanding performance, durability, and reliability when it comes to precise concrete surface correction.

Features of an Airtec Shaving Machine

The Airtec shaving machines for sale  all feature heavy-duty, steel construction for optimal durability along with the following features:

  • Self-propelled hydrostatic power for forward and reverse drive that is easy to maneuver and control speed
  • Fully adjustable depth control up to approximately 12mm in one pass
  • Integral dust control outlet resulting in minimal waste cleanup and increased efficiency
  • Powerful Honda gas motors
  • Optimal safety features including an emergency stop button
  • Wide working widths

Using an Airtec Shaving Machine

Because shaving machines do such a good job at efficiently and thoroughly removing a top layer of concrete, cement, or asphalt, it is often used for the following tasks:

  • Removing thick coatings, epoxy screed, and overlays from concrete surfaces
  • Creating safety grooves in walkways and on sidewalks
  • Removing line striping and peeling or faded paint on parking lots and outdoor areas
  • Reducing grinding time in surface preparation and floor renovation projects
  • Planing broken or cracked asphalt
  • Removing damaged sidewalk areas.
  • Repairing curled joints or aggregate exposure

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