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Impacts Americas Dust Collectors for Sale

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IMPACTS Americas Dust Collectors for Sale

Surface preparation is a messy job, to say the least, whether you’re using a floor grinder, concrete scarifier, or shot blaster to create a clean metal or concrete surface that is ready for a fresh coating, new paint, or polish. Working with concrete is especially messy due to the thick, choking dust that’s created that coats everything in a thick layer and seems impossible to clean up.

Fortunately, IMPACTS Americas, a world-renowned surface preparation equipment manufacturing company, focuses heavily on shot blasting technology. Part of their work is in designing and manufacturing dust collectors that connect to their shot blasters and keep your work space clean and safe.

Using an IMPACTS Americas Dust Collector for OSHA Compliance

Using a dust collector is about more than clean up, it’s about maintaining a healthy work environment for your team. Concrete dust is dangerous due to its high level of silica, which, when breathed in, can cause chronic lung disease.  OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 requires employers protect their employees by limiting their exposure to silica dust. IMPACTS Americas dust collectors meet that requirement by connecting to the coordinating shot blasters and removing dust and debris before it gets into the air.

Our IMPACTS Americas Dust Collectors for Sale

We currently have two powerful dust collectors from IMPACTS Americas in stock:

  • DC3324 Dust Collector – a 28 gallon collector that has six filter cartridges to keep your air clean and safe and connects with the S320E Shot Blaster
  • DC4025 Dust Collector  – a 52 gallon container made for larger machines and is compatible with both the S410E Shot Blaster and the S600E Shot Blaster.

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