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Inland Diamond-Impregnated Pads for Sale

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Inland Diamond Impregnated Pads for Sale

Inland Diamond has a reputation for excellence when it comes to designing and manufacturing superabrasive products made to hone, grind, and polish. Their innovative products are used in multiple industries, including the optical, stone, glass, and surface preparation industries. As part of their products used for surface preparation, they have designed diamond imprengated pads to be used in grinding and polishing.

Diamond impregnated pads are soft pads made of natural hair fibers that include randomly dispersed bits of fine diamond (either real or synthetic blends that include tungsten carbide). These pads aren’t made for grinding away heavy damage or removing old paint or damaged epoxy. Instead, these pads are used for maintaining polished concrete in order to keep it’s gleam and shine.

Using Diamond Impregnated Pads

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we currently have two options of diamond impregnated pads for sale:

  • Inland Maintenance Pad that is used for ongoing light maintenance of polished concrete to remove minor scuffs and damage and restore it’s shine. It’s available in four grits: 800, 1500, 3000, and buff to help you achieve the desired finish and comes in 17, 21, and 27-inch diameters.
  • Inland Spin-V2 is a heavier diamond formulation that is also used to maintain polished concrete. It’s available in six grits: 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, and buff so you can improve the look of dull, old concrete all the way to restoring your preferred level of shine and gloss.

Contact Us Today for Inland Diamond Impregnated Pads

If you want to improve the look of your polished concrete floors, diamond impregnated pads from Inland Diamond are durable and effective. Learn more about our grinding parts and accessories and get your best price when you call a BMD representative at 815-472-9711.