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Sterling Dust Collectors for Sale

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Sterling Dust Collectors for Sale

Sterling North America specializes in commercial cleaning, specifically in floor cleaning and HEPA vacuums. As members of the International Sanitary Supply Association, the National Safety Council, and The American Rental Association, the key founders of Sterling North America, Bob Eukovich and Tom Halluska, bring valuable experience and innovation to what it takes to create a clean job site.

That experience and innovation shows in the Sterling dust collectors for sale. They manufacture lightweight, portable dust collectors that easily connect to floor grinders. This allows you to maintain your productivity and efficiency while still keeping a safe, clean job site.

A Clean Jobsite with Sterling Dust Cleaners for Sale

Stone and concrete both contain silica, which is generally harmless while dormant. However, grinding and polishing stone and concrete release large amounts of dust in the air. Breathing silica dust can cause silicosis, a dangerous, sometimes fatal lung disease.

To prevent silicosis, OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.1153 states that employers must limit exposure to silica dust. One way to do this is through a dust collector that removes dust before it can circulate in the air.

The Sterling dust cleaners have multiple features to ensure OSHA standards are met and your workers are protected:

  •  OSHA compliant HEPA filters that remove 99.97 % of particles from the air
  • Dacron filter bag keeps air flowing smoothly to prevent clogs that may cause particles to release in the air
  • Reliable, dependable motors that keep consistent suction to recover much of the hazardous dust

Contact Us for Sterling Dust Collectors for Sale

For a safer, healthier job site, consider a Sterling dust collector. In addition to their HEPAPro line, we also carry dust collector accessories, including replacement filters, vacuum wants, and more.  To learn more about them and get a quote for your company, call and speak with a product expert today at 815-472-9735.