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U.S. Saws Polymer Pumps for Sale

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U.S. Saws Polymer Pumps for Sale

U. S. Saws polymer pumps for sale improve productivity and efficiency when it comes to filling concrete joints. With an innovative design, you can turn what is normally a two-person task into a one-person job, saving you time and allowing you to get more work done in less time.

The “One Person Pump” allows one team member to steer and walk with the pump with one hand while filling joints from the dispenser hose with the other. Additionally, the way the pump is designed, it’s easy for whomever is operating the pump to have a clear line of sight where he or she is working. This allows the operator to know where the pump is and where to steer to avoid running over wet floor joints and having to redo or repair work.

An Efficiently Designed Polymer Pump

Not only is it easy to steer and maneuver, the U.S. Saws polymer pumps for sale include an efficient design. Equipped with 6.5 gallon tanks, you can easily fit a 5-gallon bucket of joint filler while having plenty of room to spare, and the translucent tanks let you see how much fluid you have left while you work. Included storage space lets you keep tools handy in an enclosed box and have room for a generator or on-board battery while the waste bucket holder means you’re dealing with fewer drips and dribbles on the floor.

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Having a polymer pump that allows you to quickly and easily fill joints in a concrete surface will save you time without sacrificing a quality work. To learn more about this and other U.S. Saws surface preparation equipment, contact one of our product experts today by calling us at (815) 472-9735 or by filling out our contact form.