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U.S. Saws Ultra-Vac 1250 Dust Collector


  • Power: 115V, 17A
  • CFM: 220 CFM
  • Water Lift: 110″
  • Capacity: 12.5 Gallons (Longopac bagger available)


Ultra-Vac 1250 with two (2) HEPA Filters

The lightweight, durable, powerful, and easy-to-use U.S. Saws Ultra-Vac 1250 vacuum is an extremely popular dust collection option for those in the surface preparation industry, and for great reason. Tweaked and designed to run off of propane with the PRK9010 propane conversion kit, this vacuum is able to tackle any surface preparation cleanup you’re in need of with ease, small or large.

Equipped with a large filter, the Ultra-Vac 1250 is able to withstand full loads of dust while never jeopardizing suction power. Along with that, this vacuum is also able to work well with gas-powered equipment necessary for other surface preparation projects such as masonry and block saw equipment.

Ultra-Vac 1250 Features And Technical Specifications

  • An easy-to-use 18-foot 99% efficient manual filter clearing mechanism (required under OSHA silica dust law)
  • A 99.95% efficient @ 0.3 um secondary HEPA filters with separate motor switches
  • A low overall weight of 85 lbs (38 KG)
  • Optimal power at 115V (Voltage), 17A (Amperage)
  • A CFM of 220
  • Separate motor switches for optimal convenience
  • A water lift of 110 inches
  • A robust capacity of 12.5 gallons (Longopac bagger is available)
  • A rigid and durable tube steel frame designed for wear and tear while on a construction site
  • A high-density polyethylene body resulting in minimal weight and maximum maneuverability

To empty the dustpan, simply unplug the vacuum from the power source, lift up on the dustpan adjustment handle with your foot in order to release the dustpan, empty dust and waste in an appropriate area, return the dustpan into the appropriate area, and, lastly, step on dustpan adjustment handle to lift the dist pan back into working position.

Operators and maintenance personnel must regularly comply with the appropriate safety precautions. Along with that, it is recommended that supervising personnel develops additional precautions relating to the specific surface preparation work area as well as local safety regulations.

Be sure to check out our dust collector and wet vac accessories including but not limited to replacement filters, dollys, vacuum hoses, HEPA-certified round filters, vacuum wands, HEPA cartridge filters, STI cord carts, dust collection bags and more, as they may be of help to you and your surface preparation team!

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Weight 85 lbs


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