Buy Manufacturers Direct was founded on the principle of elevating our industry through unbiased discussions, training and openly sharing information. Utilizing the knowledge and wisdom gleamed through decades of real life experiences of respected industry experts; BMD is committed to boosting the collective performance, quality and professionalism of our industry. 

Through our video presentations, blogs and Frequently Asked Questions we are devoted to providing candid and honest assessments, product reviews, discussions and opinions. BMD was developed by industry experts for the benefit of contractors.  You should believe us because we are one of you: working hard everyday trying to provide the best product, earn the most profit and stay ahead of the competition.

BMD is proud and excited to align with industry expert and veteran Josh Jones, one of our industry’s leading resources for best practices, processes and impartial product reviews.

Josh offers a unique perspective as one of the very few that grew up in the surface preparation industry. The son of the late Bill Jones, founder and well respected owner of Substrate Technologies and Surface Dimensions, Josh substituted Boy Scouts and soccer games for grinding, blasting and polishing. Through his thirty years in the industry, Josh has experienced numerous process and equipment evolutions. Some good, some bad, however Josh’s nonpartisan objectivity provide a neutral an educated assessment of our industry.   

After a decade as a leading contractor in the Chicago area, Josh transitioned into equipment design, manufacturing and training with a focus on best practices. He’s passionate about improving our industry and lives in a state a perpetual learning. Eager to try new products, technologies and processes, he’s always on the lookout for the next revolutionary innovation.

Three fundamental principles drive Josh: Safety, production and quality. How can we work faster, safer and produce better results. He believes our industry is currently full of great equipment however we lack formal education and training programs that teach how to properly, and profitably, operate.  

As a consumer and industry advocate, Josh is dedicated to improving the quality and standards that form the foundation of surface preparation. He’s earned the reputation of being an authentic and non-bias ambassador.

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