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Burnishers & Floor Machines For Sale

If you have tile, concrete, stone, or even terrazzo floors, over time, they can look dingy, stained, or damaged, and no amount of mopping makes them look clean. Fortunately, you can restore them to their original beauty with a commercial floor burnisher. Perfect for schools, hospitals, businesses, and workshops, a rotary floor machine, when used regularly, can allow you to achieve and maintain a pristine, “wet-shine” look for your floors without leaving behind a slippery surface that can lead to slips and falls.

What Is a Floor Burnisher?

A burnisher is similar to a floor buffer, adding a beautiful shine to commercial floors. However, these rotary floor machines are significantly heavier than standard floor buffers and are equipped with stronger internal engines. The added pressure and power allows them to achieve a much more intensive level of performance.

They are not only able to polish floors to a high-gloss finish, they are often capable of performing heavy duty scrubbing to remove embedded soil and debris from hard surfaces when paired with an appropriate cleaning solutions. When paired with the right pad, they can be used to buff and smooth away scratches, gouges, and rough patches from your floor.

Benefits of a Rotary Floor Machine

There are numerous benefits to having a floor burnisher. While the most obvious benefit is the ability to revitalize your floors and renew the look of your building, additional benefits include:

  • Stripping away years of residue, dirt, and stains
  • Saving money on expensive floor repairs and replacements
  • Saving time over using a slower, less effective floor buffing
  • Improving safety by removing cracks that can be a trip hazard and leaving behind a clean, slip-resistant surface

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If you need a heavy-duty rotary floor machine for your store, hospital, warehouse, workshop, school, or other commercial building, we’re here to help! Learn more about our selection of floor burnishers and find out which one is right for you by contacting our floor machine experts at (815)278-1308 or filling out a contact form!