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Industrial Cutting Agents

When you are laying a concrete surface or you need to refinish or polish an existing substrate or surface, using a floor grinder and polisher on its own will get the job done, but it won’t get the pristine results you desire on its own. Made to refine the substrate or concrete surface to a smooth, glossy appearance that is ideal for both residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, using an industrial cutting agent can improve the outcome of your surface preparation or refinishing project.

Benefits of Cutting Agents

Paired with either diamond flooring pads or standard flooring pads, a cutting compound can provide a deeper penetration into the substrate while enhancing the cutting capabilities to better remove scratches and damages in the surface. An industrial refining agent can be applied before grinding, honing, or polishing, and allows for a smoother, more refined surface in less time.

Cutting compounds are also used to strengthen the concrete at the surface. This improves abrasion resistance commonly caused by dropping heavy tools, excess foot traffic, and even vehicle traffic. After the grinding and polishing process is complete, the surface can be completed with a floor coating to protect it from further damage.

Inland Cutting Compound

We carry Inland Diamond floor restoration and concrete polishing supplies because they are one of the leaders in stone, glass, and concrete grinding and refining. Their diamond flooring pads, prep tools, and surface preparation chemicals are ideal for concrete refinishing and other similar tasks to get the job done more quickly and with an improved result.

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