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Shot Blasters for Sale

Shot blasters are widely used in surface preparation due to their ability to rapidly and efficiently remove coatings and embedded debris from metal and concrete surfaces. These are incredibly versatile to use on concrete because they are able to profile, clean, and strip surfaces, often in one step, saving a work crew time and lowering the cost of the task.

What Is Shot Blasting?

The majority of shot blasters use a straightforward wheel equipped with paddle-like blades that rapidly propel steel shot (small pellets that look like BBs) at the surface at an extremely high velocity using centrifugal force. The leftover dust is confined in a protected and enclosed dust collector, and any reusable leftovers are recirculated and dispersed.

Depending on the size of the shot used, the speed at which you operate the blaster, and the surface, shot blasters can be used for the following tasks:

  • Removing paint, rust, and epoxy coatings
  • Adding a rough profile to concrete for non-slip surface
  • Preparing a concrete surface to add fresh paint or a coating

Shot blasters are not recommended for thick, rubber coatings or to remove hardwood flooring or carpet, but otherwise can be used for nearly any large surface preparation task!

IMPACTS America Shot Blasters

IMPACTS America is the leader in shot blasting technology, known for manufacturing durable, efficient equipment that will help you get your next surface preparation job done right. Buy Manufacturers Direct sells numerous models of surface preparation shot blasters by IMPACTS America, including:

  • Hand-held shot blasters that are ideal for doing surface preparation work on stairs, walls, and railings
  • Self-propelled shot blasters that have an wider surface area while still working well in smaller spaces like residential garages and small warehouses
  • Ride-on shot blasters that are equipped with 28 HP propane motors that are great for ship decks, warehouses, and other large spaces.

Our S210E shot blasters are available in 120v or 230v model, have a manual travel speed, a working width of 8 inches (203 mm), are designed for blasting projects 430 SF/hr (40m2/hr), and feature adjustable handles.


Contact Us for IMPACTS America Shot Blasters for Sale

No matter how large or small your surface preparation task is, we have a shot blaster that will help you get the job done efficiently. To learn more about our selection, discover more about IMPACTS Americas shot blaster parts and accessories, and get the best possible price, speak with a product expert today by calling  815-472-9754.