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What is shot blasting?

One of the earliest methods used to prepare and also level a concrete floor shot blasting is a time-efficient method for profiling, cleaning, and stripping surfaces. The majority of shot blasters use a straightforward wheel equipped with paddle-like blades that rapidly propel steel shot at the surface at an extremely high velocity using centrifugal force. The leftover dust is confined in a protected and enclosed dust collector, and any reusable leftovers are recirculated and dispersed.

Because shot blasters produce a roughened surface texture that is immediately ready for resurfacing or recoating, they’re often referred to as the one-step method for stripping and, more importantly, the most useful tool in the surface preparation industry. Along with that, shot blasters (such as the S320RD) are also considered favorable because of their utilitarian and durable small-sized steel balls, easy-to-use features (such as hydraulic pumps, regulated electro-pneumatic compressors, centrifugal clutches), and the fact that they’re manufactured with both gas and diesel motor options ranging from 10 to 30HP (horsepower). The size of the concentration and shot used, the precise rate of machine travel, shot impact force, and the specific type of coating you need to strip away are all factors that control the depth of the removed surface.

Buy Manufacturers Direct sells numerous models of surface preparation shot blasters including IMPACTS America S210E, S125E, S210E-40R, S270E-75R, S320E, S410E, and S600E.

Our S210E shot blasters are available in 120v or 230v model, have a manual travel speed, a working width of 8 inches (203 mm), are designed for blasting projects 430 SF/hr (40m2/hr), and feature adjustable handles.

Our S125E shot blasters are handheld, have a working width of 5 inches (125mm), designed for horizontal and vertical blasting projects 160 SF/Hr. (15 M2), perform well for shot peening of small areas on concrete, steel surfaces, screed, and asphalt. For vertical surfaces, it is recommended to use a balancer.

Our S210E-40R shot blasters are self-propelled, equipped with a height-adjustable handle and a working width of 8 inches (210mm), designed for small to medium-sized projects 861 SF/hr (80m2/hr). These shot blasters are ideal for smaller residential and business areas.

Our S270E-75R shot blasters are forward-walking, equipped with height-adjustable handles, have a working width of 10 inches (270mm), utilize ‘Side-Force’ linear systems with wear resistance manganese metal, and are designed for blasting projects 1,400 SF/hr (140 m2/hr.).

Our 15HP S320E shot blasters are equipped with a height-adjustable handle, have a working width of 12 inches (320mm), are designed for aggressive removal of coating on large surface preparation projects of 2,150 (SF (200 M2).

Our S410 shot blasters have a working width of 16 inches (410mm), is equipped with a strong drive motor and an integrated brake, utilize IMPACT ‘Side-Force’ Liner Systems with wear-resistance manganese metal, designed to blast in coating removal applications for large-sized projects at 2,800 SF (280 M2), and have significantly more horsepower than other similarly-sized shot blasters.

Our S600E shot blasters are equipped with a height-adjustable drive handle with integrated handling instruments, designed for brush-blasting as well as aggressive removals on very large project areas at 4,300 SF/hr (430 m2/hr.), have a working width of 23 inches (600mm), utilize IMPACTS ‘Side-Force’ Liner System with wear-resistance manganese, and two wheels.

Our S320RD propane ride-on shot blaster is equipped with a 28 HP propane motor enabling the machine to out blast other comparably-sized and priced machines, a seat and steering wheel for convenience, a working width of 12.6 inches (320mm), a hydraulic pump allowing the machine to travel forward and in reverse as well as raise the ride height up and down, and a centrifugal clutch to engage the blast wheel control.

Buy Manufacturer Direct sells surface preparation equipment such as shot blasters. Along with the machines, Buy Manufacturers Direct only sells OEM consumable parts so that the machines are as effective as they are designed to be. Buying from Buy Manufacturers Direct you are buying through a channel that is endorsed and supported by its vendor partners. This means you have direct access to the people that make what you buy and know the product better than anyone.