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Concrete Slurry Solidifiers

After you’re done polishing or grinding a concrete surface, you’re left with a wet slurry that’s difficult to clean and can even be considered a hazardous material if it’s been exposed to toxic, corrosive, or flammable materials such as motor oil spills.

Due to its harmful qualities, it can’t just be poured down a drain when collected. One method of cleaning and disposing slurry involves collecting it with a wet vacuum and emptying it into a bin or a pit, which can take weeks or longer to totally dry so it can be acceptable for disposal in most landfills.

Fortunately, thanks to a contractor who worked with concrete and wanted an easier method of cleaning slurry, there’s a slurry solidifier that acts instantly to transform wet, toxic concrete slurry into a solid, easy to dispose of powder.  modern science, it’s now possible to dry slurry almost instantly.

How Do Concrete Slurry Solidifiers Work?

Made by Slurry Slayer, our concrete slurry solidifier is made of a super-absorbent polymer that soaks up the liquid, and leaves behind a non-hazardous solid that is accepted by landfills. It also contains a separate purifier that can be used separately or in conjunction with the solidifier to remove any toxins.

One pound of solidifier can absorb 10 pounds of water-based compounds, including stone or concrete slurry, mud, or even latex paint, so it has a variety of uses beyond cleaning up after concrete grinding. Used in conjunction with our concrete slurry cleaners, and you’ll find the tedious, often dangerous task of clean-up becomes quick, safe, and simple.

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When you’re done with concrete grinding, polishing, or cutting, use our concrete slurry solidifiers to make easy work out of clean up without harming the environment. To learn more, contact us today at [Phone] or fill out our contact form!