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Slurry Slayer – Concrete Slurry Solidifier


  • Turns concrete slurry into a non-hazardous, landfill-accepted solid
  • Contains no fillers to add weight
  • Reacts quicker and with less material when compared to competitor’s products
  • Available in 55 lb. bags
  • 1,764 lbs. “Super Sack” (special order only – call 815-278-1308 for quote)
12 months with 0% interest for qualified customers on equipment purchases of $10,000 or more.


Slurry Slayer™ – Concrete Slurry Solidifier

Slurry Slayer is a concrete slurry management program that was developed by an actual contractor who works in the contracting field every day. Slurry Slayer consists of two products – Slurry Slayer Solidifier and Purifier – that can be used individually or together. Developed by contractors for contractors!

  • Produces a non-hazardous waste suitable for disposal in an approved solid waste landfill
  • Contains no fillers that add weight to final solid waste
  • Made of proprietary blend of super-absorbent polymers engineered for concrete slurry
  • Reacts quicker and with less material when compared to competitors’ products
  • Works in conjunction with a concrete slurry EPA required “Best Management Practice” plan
  • Meets all EPA requirements for disposal of liquid waste into landfills
  • Available in 55 lb. bags
  • 1,764 lbs. “Super Sack” (special order only – call  (815) 278-1308 for quote)

HMIS Rating: Health: 1, Flammability: 0, Reactivity: 0, Personal Protection: B (requires safety glasses and gloves)

Directions for Use

Slurry Slayer can be mixed into lined dumpster, drums, or broadcast onto slurry during operations. Application rate and solidification time will vary based on particulate size, percentage of particulate to water content, salinity, and temperature of solution.

Successful usage of Slurry Slayer™ Solidifier™ requires an even distribution of the product into the slurry solution. It is recommended that the Solidifier™ is slowly added while agitating the slurry with paddle or drywall mixer. Throwing handfuls of the product into the slurry will cause it to self-encapsulate and not perform to its fullest potential.

Common Slurry Slayer Questions

Q: How much slurry can a 55 lb. bag absorb?
A: Approximately 550 gallons

Q: Does it absorb any other wet waste?
A: It only absorbs water-based compounds such as concrete/stone slurry, latex paint, blood, mud, etc.

Q: Any other restrictions?
A: It is polymer-based, so the waste cannot be hotter than 150 degrees or the Slurry Slayer will melt. It also cannot be used in temperatures below freezing.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 8 in





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