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How to Operate a Ride-On Battery Powered Floor Scraper

Using a ride-on floor stripper can save you hours of labor, minimize operator fatigue, and get excellent results in just one pass through, letting you move on to the next step in your project quickly. To get the best results from your battery powered floor stripper, we’re sharing some tips on how to operate it […]

Using a Shot Blaster to Clean Concrete

We often talk about how a shot blaster is used to profile concrete, getting a rough texture that creates a non-slip surface or increasing the surface area to ensure a coating bonds properly. However, there is more to using a shot blaster than creating texture. Check out the video below to see how we use […]

How to Operate a Ride-On Propane Floor Scraper

A ride on propane floor scraper is an excellent investment if you have flooring or floor covering to remove because they save time, minimize operator fatigue, and get excellent results when used correctly. The key to getting quality results in a short time is making sure you’re using the equipment correctly. To help you get […]