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How to Use a Shot Blaster

If you have recently purchased a shot blaster or are considering buying one for your surface preparation projects, you want to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance from it. Not only will it last longer, but it will get better results in less time. To help you achieve this goal, we’re walking you through […]

What Are Shot Blasters Used For?

One of the questions we get asked pretty frequently here at BMD is “Do I need a shot blaster?” or something similar like “What are shot blasters used for?” To those questions we answer, “Yes,” and “Everything.” Shot blasters are one of the more effective and useful pieces of equipment you should invest in if […]

How to Maintain Your Commercial Floor Scraper

Purchasing a commercial floor scraper is an investment in your company by increasing the versatility of work you can do, maximizing productivity, and reducing worker fatigue. We know you want to protect your investment, which is why we’re sharing some maintenance tips to keep your floor scraper functioning optimally for years to come.  It’s important […]

What to Know About Electric Floor Scrapers

If you are shopping for an effective commercial floor scraper to add to your surface preparation equipment inventory lineup, you’ve probably narrowed down things like your budget or whether you want a ride-on scraper or a walk-behind model. These are definitely important factors, but have you considered if you want a propane powered option or […]

What Is a Floor Scraper Weight Kit?

When it comes to removing floor coverings, having a ride-on floor scraper can save you hours or even days or exhausting, expensive labor compared to using a manual scraper. Not only is a scraper fast, it’s versatile, able to quickly remove everything from carpet and sheet vinyl to rubberized floor coatings and thick epoxy.  Because […]

How to Replace Commercial Floor Scraper Blades

Knowing how to replace your commercial floor scraper blade is one of the key pieces of maintenance you have to know. When you’re transporting your floor scraper, to prevent damage or injury, you’ll want to remove the blade and store it separately. Additionally, there are times when you’ll need to replace  ineffective blades, such as […]

When to Replace Commercial Floor Scraper Blades

Commercial floor scrapers allow you to quickly remove almost any type of floor covering from carpet and vinyl sheet to rubber mastic. They can even be used to take up old tennis court and playground surfaces. However, your scraper is only as effective as the blade you’re using – a chipped or dull blade just […]

How to Use a Commercial Floor Scraper

If you have a large area of flooring to remove, a commercial floor scraper can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes a manual option. Even better, a commercial scraper eliminates much of the worker fatigue and is effective on a multitude of materials, including mastic, wood, carpet, and thinset. […]