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What Is a Transitional Pad?

You know that the grinding and polishing diamond pads you use, coupled with your grinding and polishing pattern are what determine your results. Using the right grit, choosing the right bond, and following the set pattern of grinding into finer grits before moving on to high grit pads for polishing will get you the smooth, […]

How Much Should Resin Diamond Pads Cost?

When it comes to budgeting for surface preparation equipment, resin diamonds are one of the most important investments you can make. However, going by just the price of the pad is not 100 percent accurate to the actual cost, after all, an inexpensive pad isn’t that cheap if it only lasts half the time of […]

Is Polished Concrete Maintenance Free?

Working in surface preparation, we often hear the commonly held belief that polished concrete is maintenance free. While it’s a durable, attractive surface for both residential and commercial spaces that’s easy to take care of, there is some maintenance involved. In order to keep the surface looking smooth and glossy, a little bit of upkeep […]

How to Choose the Right Bond for Diamond Tooling

If you’re about to take on a surface preparation project that involves using a concrete grinder to remove a coating from concrete or you need to polish a concrete floor, you know having the right diamond tooling is essential to getting the job done right. This means getting the right grit, and it also means […]

Should I Densify Concrete Before Dyeing It?

Unlike acid-based stains that react with concrete and change the color through a chemical reaction, concrete dyes penetrate the slab with fine coloring agents. The particles fill the pores, creating a near permanent color. Given how dyes work, we are often asked if concrete densifier should be used before dyeing it. The answer goes beyond […]

Does Grinder Size Matter to the Quality of the Polish?

If you want a smooth, near flawless polish on a concrete slab there are two key components to making this happen. First, you need to have the experience and knowledge to know what steps to take, how to care for the concrete, and how to operate the equipment properly. Second, you need to use the […]

Do I need to Use Guard on Concrete

You want to deliver excellent results to your clients, and that includes making sure your polished concrete project maintains its sheen, smoothness, and coating for as long as possible, but you also want to minimize unnecessary steps and get the work done more quickly. We are frequently asked if applying Concrete Guard is necessary or […]

Can Fresh Concrete Be Polished?

If you are working on a new construction or a massive renovation, you know you need to map out a schedule in order to keep productivity maximized, meet deadlines, and stay within budget. If part of this project involves pouring new concrete and getting a smooth finish, you may be concerned about whether or not […]

What Is a Shot Blaster Used For?

When it comes to surface preparation, particularly concrete, the common equipment is the floor grinder, floor scraper, scarifier, and of course, the shot blaster. All four of these are important to have because just one of these can not do everything you may need – for example, the shot blaster is going to get a […]

What Is a Carbide Scraper Blade?

Removing adhesive or a coating from your concrete slab is a challenging project, especially if you don’t want to avoid leaving a scratch pattern or do a full grind and profile. Choosing the right tooling for this task is key to getting the results you want in a shorter period of time, and often, a […]