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Concrete Driveway Surface Preparation in 2022

Knowing Your Customers’ Needs The first thing to consider when thinking about concrete surfaces on driveways is that the stamped concrete look is considered to be very artistic, so whatever modifications you make will have to maintain the aesthetics. This means modifying the existing concrete rather than completely resurfacing it. If this job is done […]

How to Deglaze and Recoat a Polyaspartic Surface

Polyaspartic is a fairly new material used in concrete floor coating and it’s getting a lot of attention. Offering a rapid cure time, it, it bonds easily to concrete and has the flexibility to cover and bridge small cracks and capillaries in the surface. Plus, it has excellent stain resistance, maintains a crystal clear appearance, […]

Discover Smith Paint Products

Smith Paint Products specializes in decorative concrete coatings, industrial coatings, and specialized paint products, but that only scratches the surface of what makes this company so unique and why we are proud to sell their products. Founded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1929, they started as a paint manufacturing company supplying the region with high-quality coatings […]

Should I Densify Concrete Before Dyeing It?

Unlike acid-based stains that react with concrete and change the color through a chemical reaction, concrete dyes penetrate the slab with fine coloring agents. The particles fill the pores, creating a near permanent color. Given how dyes work, we are often asked if concrete densifier should be used before dyeing it. The answer goes beyond […]

Do I need to Use Guard on Concrete

You want to deliver excellent results to your clients, and that includes making sure your polished concrete project maintains its sheen, smoothness, and coating for as long as possible, but you also want to minimize unnecessary steps and get the work done more quickly. We are frequently asked if applying Concrete Guard is necessary or […]