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Blast, Pour, & Grind: Concrete Spall Preparation, Filling, and Finishing

concrete spall preparation

Our concrete spalling experts are helping you explore the world of concrete spall repair, guiding you through the steps of blasting, pouring, and grinding to achieve a successful restoration. By understanding the causes of spalling, the importance of thorough preparation, and the right methods for filling and finishing, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to tackle concrete spall projects head-on. 

How to Repair Hollow Spots in Concrete Floors

When pouring a concrete slab, air or water can get trapped in the substrate during the finishing process, causing voids. If left untreated, voids or hollow spots lead to delamination, where a thin surface layer of concrete detaches from the slab and chips away. While time often reveals these hollow spots, they can also cause […]

How to Prepare and Apply a Polyaspartic Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor

If your garage floor is currently a polished concrete surface, and you’d like to apply an epoxy coating, getting long-lasting, durable results requires more steps than you may realize. To help you get a professional outcome, we’re walking you through how to prepare a slab and install a polyaspartic epoxy coating on your garage floor. […]

Why You Need to Grout When Polishing Concrete

For a polished concrete surface that looks good today and maintains it’s sheen and smooth surface over time, it’s necessary to add a layer of grout. We’re walking you through how to grout concrete floors, why it’s important, and what not to do. Want to see the process in action? Check out the video below. […]

How to Deglaze and Recoat a Polyaspartic Surface

Polyaspartic is a fairly new material used in concrete floor coating and it’s getting a lot of attention. Offering a rapid cure time, it, it bonds easily to concrete and has the flexibility to cover and bridge small cracks and capillaries in the surface. Plus, it has excellent stain resistance, maintains a crystal clear appearance, […]