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What Is a Scarifier & When to Use It?

If you have to work with asphalt or concrete, you need to have the right equipment to get the job done right. Concrete grinders, shot blasters, floor scrapers, and scarifiers are all used in surface preparation to get different results. So, what is a scarifier, and when should you choose it over other surface preparation […]

Skim and Clean Epoxy Fast with a Scarifier

If you want to quickly and effectively remove even the thickest epoxy coatings, a scarifier is an excellent option. Equipped with hard, durable cutting tools, they can “chew” through asphalt, concrete, and thick coatings so it can be profiled and recoated or painted.  To remove a thick coating with a scarifier and apply a fresh […]

Save on Concrete Slab Replacement with a Scarifier

Concrete slabs that have moved because of age or improper placement can have areas of height inequality. The variation in height can cause trip hazards, excessive wear on rolling equipment, and be areas of premature concrete breakdown. In severe cases, slab replacement may be necessary, but in most instances, moderate height inequalities can be flattened […]