If you want to quickly and effectively remove even the thickest epoxy coatings, a scarifier is an excellent option. Equipped with hard, durable cutting tools, they can “chew” through asphalt, concrete, and thick coatings so it can be profiled and recoated or painted. 

To remove a thick coating with a scarifier and apply a fresh skim-coat to the floor, follow the video below to see how we did it! Then, use the guide for additional information.


Preparing the Scarifier to Skim and Clean Epoxy

With the Airtec Euro Sprint ES-200 8-inch scarifier, we can outfit it with a TMO cutter that is designed for removing thick coatings and can even mill asphalt markings. To remove the coating completely, we would use this to make several passes over the surface to thoroughly shred it and reach the substrate because the first pass only achieves superficial damage. 

While in the video, we don’t completely reach the substrate, you’ll want to always remove all layers of coating to ensure proper adhesion of any additional coatings. 

After using a scarifier to remove all the epoxy, you can go over the surface with a floor grinder, especially if you require a smoother profile. This will level the surface and make sure any left over areas of paint or coating are thoroughly removed. 

Preparing Your Floor After Using a Scarifier

Once you’ve reached the substrate, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly clean and free of any dust and debris. This prevents blemishes from showing through and makes sure the coating can “grip” the concrete. Adding a coating, especially a thin urethane or ultra-thin epoxy will highlight any flaws or blemishes.  

First, you’ll want to use a Wet-Dry Vac to remove the majority of the dust and debris. After that, go over the surface several times with a Contec Premira microfiber mop pad to trap any particles. Finally, use a fresh mop pad to apply a solvent such as denatured alcohol to ensure it’s clean and ready for a new coating.

Applying a Skim Coat of Epoxy

Before applying your skim coat, make sure you tape down plastic around the border of your work area. This collects excess epoxy and makes clean up much faster. We use 100 percent solid epoxy that we thicken with diatomaceous earth so any low spots are filled in along and rough spots will be smoothed out. Once it hardens, we can apply a thicker coating that will adhere smoothly and look fantastic. 

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