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Concrete Floor Stains and Dyes for Sale

Whether you want to update a drab floor, enhance a natural look, or create an eye-catching pattern, concrete floor stains and dyes offer an attractive, long-lasting way to embellish an existing or new concrete surface. Staining and dying concrete can mimic the look of stone, marble, or high-end tile, adding a luxurious look to an affordable material.

Benefits of Floor Stains

After grinding and polishing a concrete, brick, or natural stone surface, using a high-quality floor stain can add value and beauty to residential, commercial, and industrial flooring. Unlike acid-based stains, we carry penetrating, acrylic polymer-based stains that adhere flawlessly to your surfaces by bonding with the concrete, while still offering low VOCs. To increase the durability and reduce maintenance, it’s common to add a floor coating like urethane or epoxy.

Benefits of Floor Dyes

Unlike stains, floor dyes don’t react with the concrete, tile, or stone, they seep into the surface and enhance the existing color and play up natural variations in the surface. Perfect for using on unsealed, stained concrete, they can create a more saturated tone or can complement and enhance a stained floor and improve the range and vibrancy of your color.

For those working with stains and dyes, floor dyes are easy to apply and clean up, so the application process tends to be relatively quick. However, they should only be used on indoor surfaces because they aren’t UV stable.

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We are proud to carry Smith stains, dyes, and topcoats to help you achieve the attractive, customized concrete surface you want to achieve. To learn more about our selection and determine if dyes, stains, or a combination of both are right for your next project, contact us today at (815)472-9744 or fill out a contact form to get started!