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Shot Blaster Parts for Sale

Shot blasters are commonly used in the surface preparation of concrete and steel on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, including walls, ship decks, flooring, railings, stairs, and walkways by literally blasting a surface with small steel balls at a high power and speed. Specifically, this method is used to remove paints, sealants, and epoxy coatings from surfaces or to create a surface that is specially prepared for better bonding and adhesion so epoxy, paint, waterproofing, and other coatings last longer. It’s also used to provide texture for a non-slip surface.

Types of Shot Blaster Parts

You know how important having the right equipment is to getting the job done correctly. Outfitting your shot blaster with the correct accessories can help you get your surface preparation done more quickly and with a better result while having maintenance and repair materials on hand prevents expensive delays. That’s why we carry a variety of shot blaster parts and accessories from Impacts® Americas, a trusted brand in shot blasting tools and equipment.

We have the following shot blaster parts for sale:

  • Wheel kits that are made from durable manganese and can be used in all types of shot blasters for convenient change-out.
  • Replacement cables to easily repair worn cables and control how the shot is released.
  • Magnetic sweepers that make picking up steel shot a quick task so you can keep your work zone clean and safe.
  • Steel shot abrasive available in a variety of grit sizes depending on your surface profile and desired finish

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