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Surface Preparation Tooling for Sale

If your work involves surface preparation, whether that’s general construction and contracting, flooring, painting, or other industries, you know there’s a lot of variance involved. You work with multiple materials and need to achieve specific end results, from honing and lightly polishing a stone surface to grinding concrete to remove thick epoxy coatings. That’s why Buy Manufacturers Direct, you can find a wide selection of surface preparation tooling for sale so you can match the right equipment to the task at hand.

Surface Preparation Tooling for All Needs

At BMD, we sell tooling used for all types of materials, including:

From soft pads made from natural fibers for lightly buffing marble and stone to metal bond diamond tooling used to get a rough profile on concrete, we have grinding and polishing accessories in all textures and grits.

We take pride in only carrying high-quality, durable surface preparation tooling from brands we know and trust, including:

  • Bonastre System, an innovative, eco-friendly system that doesn’t require chemicals and has a range of pro resin diamonds and diamond pads for all materials.
  • Inland Diamond creates superabrasive products used in everything from surface preparation for concrete and stone to tooling to grind glass and optical lenses.
  • Prep/Master by Substrate Technology, Inc. is a trusted manufacturer of floor grinders and other equipment and also has a large range of accessories to accompany their machines.

Contact Us to Buy Surface Preparation Tooling

If you need surface preparation tooling for one specific material or you need a whole range of accessories, our team of product experts will work with you to help you find the right products. Call us today at 815-324-8071 or fill out our contact form to speak with a representative and get started.