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With STI system you know where you are on the polishing process, if you faced any challenges it’s easier to diagnose and know what went wrong, also with STI system you know how the surface should look like at that point in the polishing process, and if you needed outside help it’s easier for people to understand at what stage of the process you are so they can advice you better.

Many great things about STI beside their customer service, their technical support is excellent they are very helpful, they are a wealth of knowledge and they don’t mind sharing their advice.


About Substrate Technology, Inc. Floor Grinders and Surface Preparation Equipment

Substrate Technology Corporation (STI) is a family run business based in Morris, Illinois. For over 20 years, they’ve been a leading manufacturer in surface preparation and polishing equipment because heads of the company know what floor and surface preparation is like. With over a decade in concrete surface polishing, refining, and grinding, they saw a need for harder working, efficient machinery paired with tools that yield improved results in less time.

Existing equipment was redesigned from the ground up while they engineered tooling that would provide the durability and effectiveness necessary to achieve a low cost per square foot. With their Prep/Master® line of Substrate Technology floor grinders and diamond systems, their research and development team clearly found success as they rapidly moved to the forefront of concrete surface technology.

We’re proud to partner with STI and carry their heavy-duty, reliable floor grinders and other equipment.

Substrate Technology Floor Grinders for Sale

Whether you need a small grinder that’s ideal for residential use in garages, patios, and basement projects or you need or you need a powerful, robust machine with a broad working width and multiple tool plates, there’s a Substrate Technology floor grinder available to meet your need. Even the smallest Prep/Master grinder is known for its ability to grind and polish as it’s designed with heavy head pressure that allows for a smoother, more even grinding capability. These grinders are ideal for surface prep and polishing of concrete, terrazzo, stone, and marble floors, and most models are available with either powerful electric motors or an equivalent model that’s equipped with a Kawasaki propane motor.

Using STI Diamond Systems

Your Substrate Technology floor grinder will only provide you with the finish and polish you want when it’s paired with the right pads and tools. That’s why the engineers at STI created the Diamond System. From diamond-impregnated hair pads used for scrubbing and swing machines to buff and maintain concrete, terrazzo, marble, and granite to ultra-abrasive diamond-infused tools that can provide the first cut on new, unsealed concrete, there’s a wide variety of polishing and grinding pads available.

Contact Us for Substrate Technology Floor Grinders and More

While STI is known for their Substrate Technology floor grinders and their innovative Diamond System, we are proud to carry a wide array of their projects to help you with your surface preparation needs! To receive your best price on any equipment listed here, please contact a BMD representative at 815-278-1308.