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STI Diamond Systems for Sale

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STI Diamond Systems for Sale

You know that having the right equipment for your surface preparation and polishing tasks is necessary to getting the job done correctly, whether you’re grinding away thick mastic coatings, old paint or adhesive, or deep scratches, or you’re polishing a slab to a gorgeous shine. Having a grinder like a Prep/Master floor grinder is an excellent start, but you also have to pair it with the right grinding and polishing pads.

STI Diamonds for Every Task

We partner with Substrate Technology (STI) because, along with their high-quality Prep/Master floor grinders, they carry a broad spectrum of durable, dependable surface preparation products. We have the STI diamond systems for sale because not only do they have a wide variety of pads for nearly all grinding and polishing tasks, but they hold up over large jobs, keeping a consistent surface profile from the start to finish. STI diamond systems can be used for:

  • Concrete (both sealed or coated and uncoated)
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo

Whether you want a diamond impregnated pad with natural hair for buffing and polishing maintenance, diamond segments with an ultra-rough grit for creating a scratch pattern on concrete, or hard-bond metal resin pads, STI has a huge variety of options. At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we’re proud to have much of that variety of STI diamond systems for sale.

We also have full systems for multi-step grinding and polishing tasks for all types of surfaces.

While STI does manufacture the Prep/Master floor grinders, their diamond system can be used with most brands of grinders, scrubbers, and swing machines.

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To learn more about STI diamond systems, their floor grinders, or other surface preparation equipment, our product experts are here to help. Contact a BMD representative today at 815-472-9735.