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Surface Preparation Parts for Sale

You know that working in construction, paving, or a similar field, your time is valuable and downtime costs money. If you use a shot blaster, floor grinder, or a floor scraper as part of your surface preparation tasks, having replacement parts, maintenance kits, and other accessories ensures you and your team can stay productive. That’s why BMD has almost everything you need to keep your equipment running smoothly and get the job done right.

Grinder Parts and Accessories

Look through our floor grinder parts and accessories, and you’ll see that we carry grinder plates and adapters that allow you to customize your grinding and polishing tasks.  We also have repair and maintenance kits that make it possible to do quick fixes and simple maintenance to avoid costly repairs and delays.

Floor Scraper Parts and Accessories

Make sure you have the right blades and chisels when you have to remove existing surfaces like carpeting, parquet, or tile. We carry floor scraper accessories and parts to help you make quick work of surface removal.

Shot Blaster Parts and Accessories

With our shot blaster accessories, we help you save time by cutting down on your clean up efforts and also have replacement parts so you can do quick, simple repairs.

Dust Collector Parts and Accessories

Keep your jobsite clean and healthy when you have the right parts and accessories for your dust collector! From floor mops that allow you to quickly sweep up residue and dust collection bags that keep dirt and debris contained to powerful HEPA filters that keep your air clean, we have everything you need for cleaning up after messy surface preparation jobs.

Contact Us for Surface Preparation Parts and Accessories

Surface preparation requires more than just the main equipment. You have to have extra blades, shot, cleanup supplies, and more, and we’re here to help you get those items at the best price! To learn more about our selection, reach out to us today at 815-472-9754 or fill out our contact form. We’re happy to help!