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Scarifiers, also called milling machines and surface planers, are used for intensive surface preparation tasks because they utilize heavy-duty cutting wheels to grind up an existing surface layer, often concrete, cement, or asphalt. We offer a wide variety of scarifiers and milling machines to help you complete your project efficiently and achieve your desired results.

How Does a Scarifier Work?

A  scarifier is equipped with strong cutting wheels made from tungsten carbide or hardened steel that chip away at concrete and asphalt and remove even the heaviest mastic or rubber coatings. While floor grinders only remove the thinnest top layer of concrete, leaving a smooth area, scarifiers have an adjustable cutting depth and leave behind a rough surface that is optimal for numerous types of surface prep projects.

When Are Scarifiers Used?

If concrete has a thick coating that needs to be replaced or is severely damaged with multiple cracks, breaks, or buckled areas, a scarifier makes it possible to quickly break up and remove the damaged areas and replace it with a fresh layer of concrete. This equipment is also optimal for:

  • Adding grooves or texture to outdoor areas or walkways in order to better prevent falls and slips.
  • Removing traffic lines from parking lots, rubber deposits, dirt crusts, and plastic coatings.
  • Renovating flat roofs, patios, and even ship decks and bridges
  • Leveling concrete surfaces.
  • Milling and planing asphalt to prepare for a fresh layer.

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If you want to resurface a parking area, sidewalk, or concrete floor, a scarifier is often the best equipment for the job, able to quickly and effectively remove the ideal layer of surface without having to start from scratch. Buy Manufacturers Direct has a wide selection of inventory from small machines to large industrial milling and shaving machines, and we’re happy to help you find the best one for your needs. Contact our team today at  (815) 278-1308 or fill out our contact form to get started!