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Commercial Floor Scrapers For Sale

While much of our surface preparation equipment is designed for stone, cement, and concrete, Buy Manufacturers Direct understands that many of our clients also have tile, linoleum, vinyl, and carpeted floors. That’s why we carry a wide selection of commercial floor scrapers and floor scraper parts and accessories  to make quick work of removing old flooring and create a surface that is ready for a fresh new look.

When Is a Commercial Floor Scraper Right for You?

While floor grinders are optimal for removing the very top layer of concrete, stone, or marble to create a fresh polished look, and scarifiers remove several layers of concrete or asphalt in order to prepare the surface for a fresh layer, floor scrapers are often used for a wider variety of renovation. Able to remove the entire surface and get down to either the base or subfloor, it’s efficient for whole surface removal tasks.

Commercial Floor Scrapers Work on a Variety of Materials

Most commercial floor scrapers and strippers can be fitted with an assortment of blades and accessories making it easy to customize the equipment for the job at hand. Both lighter and heavy-duty floor strippers can tackle removing:

  • Adhesive, tape, and gum
  • Paint
  • Epoxy, rubber coating, and mastic
  • Wood and parquet
  • Laminate, vinyl, and linoleum
  • Stone and other varieties of tile
  • Carpet (both applied with adhesive and tack strips)

Some larger varieties can be used for outdoor surfaces, able to remove parking lot coatings, sports track, and tennis court surfaces.

Need Help Finding the Right Floor Scrapers for Your Needs

We have posted several blog articles to help you choose the right floor scraper as well as learn more about how to maintain your equipment.


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Buy Manufacturers Direct carries a wide variety of floor strippers and floor scrapers, including walk-behind models that are best for smaller areas, stairs, and lighter work, and ride-on scrapers that are ideal for tackling large areas and heavier tasks. Also choose between propane, battery, or hybrid power floor scraper models. If you would like additional information about our selection, we’re here to help you pick the right equipment for your project. Contact us at  (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form to get started!