Just like how the differences in ride-on floor scrapers affect performance, the same goes for walk-behind floor scrapers. To help you choose the right scraper for your business, we’re breaking down the factors that affect performance and the pros and cons of each.

Heavy Floor Scrapers Tackle Heavy Tasks

While no walk-behind floor scraper is going to be has heavy as a ride-on floor scraper, there is a wide variance in size and weight. Choosing a heavy option, like the ROLL STRIPPER RO-3 weigh over 200 pounds (not including pocket weights) and they allow you to quickly and easily take up ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, and other more difficult floor coverings. The downside of these heavier scrapers is that transportation and storage may be more of a challenge and it’s important to note that heavier units may only be forward self-propelled.

Lightweight scrapers, like the ROLL Bullystripper, offer convenient storage and are easy to transport. Plus, they can be operated with ease and are great for carpet, vinyl tile, and soft covers while able to remove tile and other hard surfaces. Using a lightweight floor scraper on harder surfaces will be less efficient than a heavy machine and may cause you to go through blades more quickly.

Power and Propulsion in a Walk-Behind Floor Scraper

It’s probably not surprising that the higher the power, the more production you’ll get out of a walk-behind floor scraper. Machines are either 110v or 220v, and needless to say, a 220v machine will be significantly more powerful.

In addition to power, it’s important to look at propulsion. A lightweight or less powerful machine, like the ROLL Bullystripper will be manually propelled, meaning much of the production and force comes from the operator. A self-propelled model will rely on its own power to do much of the “heavy lifting.” When considering a self-propelled walk-behind floor scraper, it’s important to note that some are only forward propelled while others are both forward and reverse self-propelled.

If you only foresee using a floor scraper in small spaces, on less intensive tasks, or you have to factor in mobility, a smaller option may be best. However, if you need a floor scraper for large spaces, to take up more difficult materials, and you have a crew that can help with lifting and loading, look at the more powerful models, such as a propane floor scraper instead.

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