Knowing Your Customers’ Needs

The first thing to consider when thinking about concrete surfaces on driveways is that the stamped concrete look is considered to be very artistic, so whatever modifications you make will have to maintain the aesthetics. This means modifying the existing concrete rather than completely resurfacing it. If this job is done poorly, it can leave the driveway looking very unsightly. The last thing any contractor wants to hear is that they have ruined a customer’s driveway, and here is how you make sure this will not happen.

Using the Right Tools for the Job

For working on a decorative concrete surface, you would be hard-pushed to beat the Prep/Master 2807 Electric Floor Grinding Machine to remove any unwanted elements from the surface and bush hammers to keep everything smooth and flat for that perfect finish. The Prep Master 2807 is great for decorative concrete applications because:

  • It produces excellent results with polishing and grinding.
  • Its variable speed drive makes it adaptable to work with different materials.
  • You can adjust head pressure depending on the specific function.

Bush hammers are brilliant tools because:

  • They are very durable.
  • They create a slip-resistant finish on any base material.
  • They will break down the surface that other tools will not be able to.

Any contractor who is able to use these tools will be able to create a wonderful finish that does not compromise on any visual or functional aspect. The whole site will have exactly the effect the customer was looking for.

Surface Defects You May Need to Work On

A customer may be looking to hire a contractor because they do not like the color or texture of the existing slabs or the driveway may be slippery, which could be a hazard for the homeowner, their family, or any foot traffic to the property including delivery drivers. There may also be wear and tear over time to a driveway due to the effects of cold weather, excessive moisture, or heavy footfall over the ground. The above mentioned process will remove any slippery elements from the driveway, but it is crucial that you also retain the original form. With any project, you are looking to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. You have to ensure that you are both viewing the end result from the same direction.

It is a good idea for a discussion to take place between the contractor and the client before the work takes place, and if you have photographs of previous work you have done that will have a similar end result, then great! It is always better if a customer knows what they are getting as there is nothing worse for a contractor than seeing the look of disappointment at an end result.

A Satisfactory End Result

The concrete resurfacing goal is to remove any unsavory features from the concrete surface and leave a space free from stains, dirt, cracks, and rough edges and has the exact look the homeowner desires. Contractors will always be looking to prepare the driveway so it looks as good as new. Anyone walking on the surface will be able to do so with no risk of slipping, and everything will be solid underfoot.

Of course, a gravel surface, or something similar, can somewhat eliminate any slip hazards but is far less aesthetically pleasing than stamped concrete and offers far fewer design possibilities. When installing a driveway, it is important to consider every aspect as well as the long-term implications of your choices.

Concrete Surface Modifying Tools from Buy Manufacturers Direct

When purchasing surface prep tools from Buy Manufacturers Direct, you can know that the maintenance will also be covered. We will protect and repair your purchases, which are already very durable but of course will need a bit of care and attention from time to time as what they are doing to the floor will naturally lead to a little wear and tear over time. Our team of dedicated technicians will know exactly what to do when any maintenance issues are encountered.

The Perfect Concrete Driveway Finish

Stamped concrete is known for its aesthetic qualities, but when repairs are necessary, they are not always straightforward. This means that someone who really knows what they are doing and with the right tools for the job will have to work on each existing slab to ensure the desired result is achieved. When properly sealed, this material is relatively easy to maintain and is actually one of the more affordable materials to use for driveways as well as looking fantastic.

This material is also extremely varied in terms of possibilities with color, texture, shape, and finish. Any homeowner will be able to match the color scheme of their property or of the surrounding landscape with ease. There are a huge variety of concrete slabs to choose from to fit any design idea. Joint patterns can also be pressed into the concrete even if there are complex projects that include steps, fountains, or other features.

Order Your Concrete Surface Preparation Tools and Equipment Today

So now you should have a good idea of what is involved in modifying a concrete driveway in a way that will satisfy clients and leave contractors with a sense of accomplishment at a job well done. Remember these key points and you cannot go far wrong:

  • You are looking to maintain the visual aesthetics of the driveway while removing any undesirable elements.
  • Make sure the customer knows before you begin what the end result will be so that you are minimizing the chances of disappointment.
  • Use the best tools for the job—bush hammers are ideal for making a stone surface non-slippery.

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