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Blast, Pour, & Grind: Concrete Spall Preparation, Filling, and Finishing

concrete spall preparation

Our concrete spalling experts are helping you explore the world of concrete spall repair, guiding you through the steps of blasting, pouring, and grinding to achieve a successful restoration. By understanding the causes of spalling, the importance of thorough preparation, and the right methods for filling and finishing, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to tackle concrete spall projects head-on. 

How to Repair Superficial Cracks in a Concrete Surface

Concrete cracks are a common problem. The deterioration of the concrete can occur from ground shifting, freeze-and-thaw cycles, and other causes. They may seem like an eyesore at first glance, but cracks in your concrete do not have to be harmful or permanent. A concrete crack doesn’t have to ruin your home’s appearance or be […]

How to Deglaze Your Diamond Tooling

Keeping the diamonds in your tooling open so they can continually cut into the concrete is essential to getting a good performance. But what happens if your diamonds close off and stop effectively grinding the concrete? Watch the video below and read on for tips on how to deglaze your diamond tooling as well as […]

How to Remove Cure & Seal from a Concrete Slab

If you want to polish a concrete slab, apply a fresh epoxy coating, or revitalize it in another way, you need to start with a clean slab, which often requires removing an existing sealant or another type of coating. However, it’s important to weigh the factors surrounding the project to determine how long it will […]

How to Flatten High Spots in a Concrete Floor Slab

There are various reasons one would flatten a high spot found throughout a concrete surface. If you’re planning to start or have already started a concrete floor grinding project, this is the place for you. Learn how to use the grinding machine and other tools to create a smoother surface. Necessary Tools Used Two main […]

How to Remove Multiple Floor Coatings from Concrete

If you have to lay down a new floor coating, the surface preparation steps are key to the success, durability, and longevity of the coating properly bonding to the concrete. To help you, we’re walking you through how to remove multiple floor coatings before laying a new coating. Be sure to check out the video […]

Partnering the Right Shot Blaster and Dust Collector

When it comes to surface preparation, shot blasting is one of the most common methods to clean surfaces of rust, paint, and ground in dirt while getting the right profile for successfully laying a urethane, epoxy, or mastic coating. However, shot blasters create a significant amount of dust that isn’t just a mess, it’s dangerous […]

How to Install a Smooth Epoxy Flake Floor

Installing an epoxy coating with a resin flake design is a popular way to add dimension and color to a traditional concrete slab. However, we wanted to create a new look with flake by eliminating the profiled effect and creating a smooth epoxy flake floor. We’re providing you with a step-by-step tutorial of this process, […]

How to Install a Multicolor Concrete Floor

While concrete is a serviceable material, up until recently, it wasn’t thought of as being beautiful. In the past few decades, we’ve seen how it can take on new life with dyes, stains, tinted coatings, and flake designs. These give you the opportunity to get creative with your concrete surfaces. We’re walking you through how […]

Clean, Repair, and Fill a Control Joint

Concrete control joints are a necessary part of a stable, durable slab, allowing individual sections of the concrete to contract while curing or shifting and moving over time without cracking or causing damage to adjacent pieces. Learn how to properly clean, repair, and fill a concrete joint in our step-by-step guide, and be sure to […]