Installing an epoxy coating with a resin flake design is a popular way to add dimension and color to a traditional concrete slab. However, we wanted to create a new look with flake by eliminating the profiled effect and creating a smooth epoxy flake floor. We’re providing you with a step-by-step tutorial of this process, but be sure to see it in action with our video below.

Preparing a Concrete Slab for Coating

First, it’s important to start with a clean, clear slab free of adhesive, coatings, or even dust and debris. To achieve that state, we recommend diamond grinding it to a flat, clean finish, then vacuuming it thoroughly. For a final clean, we ran the shot blaster over it to eliminate any loose bits of debris or dirt.

Adding Epoxy and Flake

Once the slab is clean and free of dust, we added 10 mil coating of 100 percent solids epoxy as a primer coat. This will fill in any holes and gaps as well as provide a layer for the flake to adhere to. We then added a very light coating of flake – just enough to cover the gray of the concrete but not enough to require vacuuming or scraping. Once you complete this step, follow these steps:

  • Cure overnight
  • Apply 10 mils of 100 percent epoxy solids with a roller
  • Distribute a heavy volume of flake to the point where no more will adhere to the epoxy as it’s completely covered.
  • Cure overnight

Getting a Smooth Epoxy Flake Floor

Once the second cure is complete, vacuum the excess flake from the floor using a wand vacuum to get every bit of extra from the slab, then pour on 20 mils of solids epoxy to use as a grout and seal coat. This is a thick coating but it will lock down the flake and leave extra for grinding down.

We went over the slab with 80 grit diamonds, though we found this left a more significant scratch pattern that we then had to sand out. You may be able to go with a 100 grit diamond for a smoother finish. After grinding and sanding, make sure to vacuum up any dust.

Finally, apply a 16 mils coating of polyaspartic to seal in the flake and add shine to the ground flake. The end result will encapsulate the flake, creating a beautifully smooth finish.

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