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What Is a Carbide Scraper Blade?

Removing adhesive or a coating from your concrete slab is a challenging project, especially if you don’t want to avoid leaving a scratch pattern or do a full grind and profile. Choosing the right tooling for this task is key to getting the results you want in a shorter period of time, and often, a […]

What Should I Charge for Polished Concrete

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we are often asked what a good rate to charge for polished concrete is. While there’s no set answer (wouldn’t that make things easier?), I want to use my own experiences as an example of what NOT to do when it comes to setting your prices. Factor in Overhead This is […]

How to Clean Concrete Slurry Fast

concrete slurry

From understanding the composition of concrete slurry to implementing rapid cleaning techniques, our concrete construction project experts at Buy Manufacturers Direct are equipping you with actionable insights to ensure swift and thorough cleanup. We aim to help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency on your concrete construction projects. 

Floor Maintenance vs. Floor Restoration: Knowing When & How to Use Them

As surfaces are used, they become degraded by abrasion, contaminants, and moisture. Depending on the surface and its appropriateness to the environment, floor maintenance may be required more often to avoid the costly work of floor restoration. What is Floor Maintenance? To maintain a surface means that the process curates the already performing finish. Work […]