If much of your surface preparation tasks involve wet cutting concrete, you know first hand how time consuming and labor intensive cleaning up concrete slurry can be. While that is one problem, the other problem with slurry clean-up is disposal. Concrete slurry can’t simply be poured down a drain and separating the water for reuse while disposing of the sediment can add unnecessary time and cost. 

To see how wet cutting concrete cleanup can be cheap, fast, and simple, watch the video below, then read on to learn how Slurry Slayer works to eliminate the hassle of cleaning up concrete slurry. 

What Is a Concrete Solidifier?

Developed by a concrete contractor, Slurry Slayer is a concrete slurry solidifier that comes as a powdered polymer. It soaks up liquid, including mud, stone slurry, concrete slurry, or even latex paint. One pound of powder can absorb 10 pounds of liquid, transforming liquid slurry into an easy to dispose of powder. Because there are no added fillers, there isn’t anything that will add weight, so one pound of powder and 10 pounds of liquid will still only weigh 11 pounds. 

How to Use a Concrete Solidifier 

After you’ve completed the wet grinding part, or one step of, your surface preparation task, and you’ve ran a wet-vac over the slurry, you’re left with a bucket of wet slurry that is considered a hazardous material. As you see in the video above, we add Slurry Slayer to a trash bag and simply pour the slurry inside and mix it together. If you don’t have a wet vac, you can squeegee the slurry to one area, mix Slurry Slayer to the puddle, and, using a shovel or even a heavy-duty broom and dust pan, clean up the solid, powdered material and empty it into a dumpster, trash bag, or other waste receptacle. 

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