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Concrete Tooling for Floor Grinders

When you have to grind or polish concrete surfaces, having the right concrete tooling is essential to making sure the job gets done efficiently and correctly, no matter what the outcome needs to be. If you have to remove thick epoxy or mastic coatings from a concrete slab, you wouldn’t use the same concrete polishing tooling you used to buff and lightly grind away scuffs and scratches from a warehouse floor.

 A Wide Variety of Concrete Polishing Tooling Available

That’s why Buy Manufacturers Direct has a wide variety of concrete tooling to use with our surface and floor grinding machines. Many of the manufacturers we work with create pads and resins in multiple sizes, including the common 7-inch tooling used in floor and hand grinding machines.

In addition to a multitude of sizes, our selection includes all types of textures, grits, and materials including resin-bond diamonds for texturizing surfaces to diamond impregnated pads made from natural fibers.

No matter what kind of concrete tooling you need, from the finest grit pads used for the lightest polishing to heavy-duty options that are ideal for creating a rough profile for uncoated concrete, we have what you need from the brands you know and trust, including:

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