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Terrazzo Preparation Tooling for Sale

Terrazzo flooring is a durable and attractive option for flooring in commercial, high traffic areas, like hospitals, schools, and shopping centers. In order to extend the life of this material, keep it looking attractive, and preventing cracks and embedded debris to cause permanent damage, it’s important to maintain and polish it on a regular basis.

However, using the right terrazzo preparation tooling is necessary to restore and revitalize these floors properly. Using concrete tooling that is made for removing mastic coating or using a soft pad used for buffing marble is simply not going to get the right results you need.

Types of Terrazzo Polishing Tooling Available

Just like our marble and stone tooling varieties, we have a vast selection of terrazzo polishing tooling for sale. Whether you need a set of pads that can fit on your drill, 7-inch tooling often used in hand held grinders, or you need other sizes to go with larger floor grinders, we have multiple size options available. We have a selection of pads and resins in multiple sizes, including the 7-inch tooling used for floor and hand grinding machines

We also have a variety of textures in individual pads along with sets that include multiple grit options. For heavy grinding to remove deep scratches, we have metal bond cup wheels and soft bond diamond segmented floor pads, while lighter polishing can be done with the softer, diamond impregnated pads that will leave your terrazzo floors gleaming.

Buy Manufacturers Direct has the brands you know and trust, including:

  • Bonastre System, the Barcelona-based company is known for their eco-friendly system that works without using chemicals and has pro resin diamonds and diamond pads that can be used on all types of materials.
  • Inland Diamond is the leader in superabrasive products for all types of materials, including optical lenses, glass, concrete, and stone. For their surface preparation tools, they produce pads, cup wheels, and diamond resins that work with multiple brands of grinding tools.
  • Prep/Master by Substrate Technology, Inc., a trusted manufacturer of floor preparation equipment and floor grinders, is mainly known for the products used in heavier tasks, like tooling used to create a deep texture in concrete or remove coatings, but they also have pads and polishing tools for terrazzo.

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If you need terrazzo grinding and polishing tooling, our team of product experts will work with you to find the right equipment to get the job done. Call us today at 815-324-8071 or fill out our contact form to speak with a representative and get started.