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Surface Grinder Parts and Accessories for Sale

To get the best performance from your floor grinder and improve the quality and efficiency of your surface preparation tasks, we carry a wide selection of grinder parts for sale. Made by Substrate Technology, Inc., our accessories are made for the PrepMaster surface preparation systems to help you customize, maintain, and repair your equipment to grind and polish marble, stone, concrete, brick, and other surfaces.

Customize your machine with concrete grinder parts

Our selection of grinder plates are made for convenient customization so you can get your task done more effectively. Choose from:

  • Edge plates that allow you to get up against corners and walls, eliminating the need to hand grind along the edges.
  • Tool plates that hold all the STI tooling and diamonds you need to achieve a flat, smoother finish.
  • Adapters that attach to your edge and tool plates so you can slide pads in and out quickly and easily.
  • Inserts that protect your floor and prevent deep gouges and scratches if a pad is worn down or comes off the plate.

Repairs and maintenance kits

Ensure an excellent performance with our selection of grinder kits that help you keep your equipment running smoothly and avoid costly delays in operation . Choose from:

  • Lighting kits that improve visibility and performance.
  • Maintenance kits that allow you to change oil, filters, and spark plugs.
  • Repair kits that include the spare parts you need to easily fix a minor breakdown.

Contact Us for Grinder Parts and Accessories

With the right adapters and kits for your concrete grinder and polisher, you can keep your equipment running in optimal condition. To learn more about our grinder parts and see which ones are right for your needs, reach out to us today at   (815) 278-1308 or fill out our contact form to get started!