When you invest in surface preparation equipment, you expect it to provide you with a return on that investment through reliability, durability, and quality results. At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we are dedicated to connecting you with the leading equipment, tooling, and gear that gets you the results you want, whether you’re polishing marble or taking up a gymnasium floor. But once you have what you need, then what? We want to help you protect your investment and get years of great results , which is why we are proud to now offer equipment and maintenance services on surface preparation equipment from the leading manufacturers.

Our Maintenance Services

While daily maintenance on your grinder or shot blaster is fairly direct, we understand that most operators don’t have the time, equipment, or experience to confidently repair and maintain their surface prep machines. That’s where we come in. With decades of experience in both sales and operations, we have a team of technicians who can diagnose and repair most problems as well as perform comprehensive maintenance. All services are warrantied and conducted at our facility located in Morris, Illinois.

Examples of our repair and maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

Floor Grinders

  • Change engine oil and air filters;
  • Inspect battery and connections;
  • Check valve clearance and retorque heads;
  • Clean and lap valve seating surface;
  • Check engine emissions;
  • Inspect belts and replace if needed;

Shot Blasters

  • Comprehensive cleaning;
  • Replace blast wheel unit and liners;
  • Adjust magnets and seals
  • Replacing or adjusting belts as needed;
  • Check position of control cage and adjust as needed;
  • Check condition of impeller and replace if needed;
  • Check screws and bolts to ensure they are fitted correctly;

Floor Scraper

  • Comprehensive cleaning of the machine;
  • Inspecting and replacing hoses;
  • Checking the electric connections;
  • Cleaning out the motors;
  • Changing filters;
  • Ensure all safety devices are fully functional;


  • Replacing belts and calibrating the tension;
  • Replace and lubricate cutter assembly bearings;
  • Change air and oil filters;
  • Comprehensive cleaning;

Our Brands

If we sell it, we can most likely repair and maintain it for you. The brands we work on include:

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