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7-Inch Tooling for Sale

No matter how good your floor grinder is, the right tooling is essential for making sure the work is done correctly. Buy Manufacturers Direct has a large selection of 7-inch tooling available so you can have the correct pads and accessories available, whether you are removing thick epoxy or mastic coatings from a concrete floor or you need to polish terrazzo that is scratched and scuffed.

We specifically have 7-inch tooling for sale in its own separate category because so many grinders use this size, from the large, ride-on floor grinders to small, handheld grinders used on counter tops and in corners. We have multiple tooling options available from Inland and Prep/Master by Substrate Technology, Inc. including:

  • Cup wheels – These are often used when you need aggressive grinding tools or are working with an angle grinder.
  • Electroplated discs – These softer discs are used for light grinding and honing softer stone including marble.
  • Ring-type polishing pads – These blend resin and metal and are typically used for heavy grinding and hand grinding.
  • Full polishing pads – Available in a resin-bond substance, these are used for wet and dry grinding and come in a multitude of grits for heavy grinding and light polishing and honing.

We also have cash dots used in restoring and polishing concrete and work for scrubbers and floor burnishers, too!

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If you need to buy 7-inch tooling, but you have questions or concerns, our team of product experts is here to help you learn more about your options and determine which tools and pads are right for your floor grinder and for the job at hand. We will also work with you to make sure you get the best possible price for your tooling! Call us today  at (815)472-7944 or fill out our contact form to get started!