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Floor Scraper Parts and Accessories for Sale

Floor scrapers and strippers are essential parts of surface preparation, used to remove everything from paint and adhesive to flooring itself. If you are planning on investing in a commercial scraper or you currently use one, we carry a wide selection of parts and accessories. Having the right scraper parts on hand can mean the difference between getting the job done quickly while leaving behind a smooth, ready to use surface or facing expensive delays as you go back through and redo areas or try and get the job done with the wrong equipment.

Types of Floor Scraper Parts

We have the accessories available to help you remove a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Floor chisels in various widths that are used to remove all types of materials, from thinset and adhesive to thick epoxy coating, ceramic tile, stone, and wood flooring.
  • Scraper blades in multiple widths and thicknesses to efficiently remove all applications including carpet, tile, and wood.
  • Heavy-duty scraper blades made to tackle glues, residues, vinyl, grout, and thinset.
  • Blade and chisel holders to keep your accessories secure and maximize their performance.
  • Jackhammer accessories to effectively smash through concrete, wood, cork, and tile flooring.

Whether you use a multi-purpose, walk-behind scraper for tackling smaller projects or you use a large, ride-on floor stripper for extra-large jobs, buying floor scraper accessories to fine-tune your experience will lead to an improved outcome.

We sell parts that work with each brand of scraper we carry, including Makinex, Roll, and more.

Contact Us for Floor Scraper Accessories

To learn more about our selection and which blades, chisels, and other accessories are right for you, reach out to one of our product experts today! Contact us at  (815) 472-9754 or by filling out our contact form to get started!