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Why Choose Makinex Construction Products?

Since 2004, Australian construction equipment manufacturer, Makinex has been focused on Making Inefficiencies Extinct around the world. They do this by dedicating their focus toward designing and manufacturing products that promote improved efficiency and increased productivity across the numerous industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Flooring
  • Hire and rental
  • Surface preparation

Makinex Construction Products help small businesses and large companies alike save time and money. That’s why we are proud to align with them, knowing that their product line improves operations for all types of tasks.

Makinex Pressure Washers for Efficient Cleaning

Providing both a rotary cleaner and a wand pressure washer, the Honda-powered pressure washers from Makinex offer versatile, powerful cleaning capability. Ideal for removing dirt, mildew, peeling paint, and grease from exterior surfaces quickly without causing damage, these pressure washers offer reliability, durability, and easy maneuverability.

Makinex Power Generators Keep the Work Going

For a robust, reliable power source to keep your tools and equipment running in all types of environments, look to Makinex power generators. Built with reliable, efficient Honda engines, these offer a compact frame and easy transportation without sacrificing power for your welding equipment, saws, air compressors, and floor grinders.

Other Makinex Construction Products

In addition to their power generators and pressure washers, we also carry:

  • Jackhammers for breaking up tile, concrete, brick, and stone plus trolleys for portability
  • Mixing stations to mix concrete, epoxy, and other materials quickly and easily
  • Water supplies to spray down dust and improve cleanup

No matter what your next project is, Makinex Construction Products will help you get it done!

Contact Us for Makinex Construction Products

To improve the productivity and quality of your next surface preparation, flooring, or construction task, check out Makinex’s product line! Learn more about our inventory and learn how to get the best price by talking to a product expert today by calling us at 815-472-9740.