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Buy Manufacturers Direct sells construction equipment direct to consumer, such as: floor chemicals, decorative dyes & stains, floor paints, floor coatings, floor maintenance cleaners & polishers, and floor densifiers.

Surface Chemicals for Sale

In addition to carrying a wide variety of surface preparation tools and accessories, we also have the surface chemicals you need to prepare and customize your surfaces, finish them correctly, and clean up safely.

Cleaning Products

We have cleaning chemicals for concrete, brick, stone, and other surfaces, including:

  • Biodegradable solutions that clean and add texture on concrete, brick, and stone
  • Sealants and repellents that prevent stains and moisture damage
  • Heavy-duty cleaners to remove oil and grease


Finish all types of surfaces with the right epoxy coating, including high-gloss top coats that are perfect for gymnasiums to thick, durable epoxy that’s ideal for garages and workspaces. Customize your coatings with texturizing sand, polish, dyes, and more!

Cutting Agents

Surface chemicals can provide an improved result when grinding concrete and restoring substrates. Cutting agents are best when used in conjunction with diamond floor pads.

Decorative Dyes and Stains

From vibrant colors to natural hues, shop our collection of concrete dyes, stains, and tints to elevate the look of your concrete floors, counters, and other surfaces.


Ensure your concrete surfaces last with surface chemicals designed to improve durability, decrease porosity, and avoid abrasions, scratches, stains, and gouges.

Slurry Cleaner

When concrete slurry and splatter adheres to your equipment, tooling, and nearby surfaces, make clean up simple with our safe, calcium-reactive acid that is an environmentally-friendly, effective alternative to muriatic acid.

Slurry Solidifier

After concrete grinding, polishing, and restoring, improve how you clean up concrete slurry with a solidifier that absorbs water and makes it safe for landfills.

Contact Us for Surface Chemicals

To learn more about how our surface chemicals can improve your surface preparation projects, contact our team of product experts. We’re here to help you pick the right equipment, tools, and accessories for your projects. Contact us at   (815) 278-1308 or by filling out our contact form to get started!