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Buy Manufacturers Direct (BMD) is a collaborative alliance of some of the world’s leading surface preparation equipment and consumable manufacturers who are perpetually seeking better opportunities to reach, sell, and educate their customers.

While many of us still utilize traditional bricks and mortar distribution channels or sales teams, we recognize that not all distributors are created equal. Buy Manufacturers Direct is an opportunity for manufacturers to participate and control the sales, marketing, promotion, and education of their own products to targeted audiences while reaching every geographical corner of the United States.

Our innovative approach is unique and, in most cases, provides the customer with a better buying experience while earning the manufacturer higher profits than traditional distribution.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Buy Manufacturers Direct alliance partner, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

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Our Current Partners

Substrate Technology, Inc.

STI logoSubstrate Technology Corporation is a privately held, family run business that has been in business for over 20 years. STI manufactures and sells the Prep/Master® line of commercial floor grinders and polishers. They also carry accessory equipment, diamond consumables, and chemicals that compliment the Prep/Master® line.

STI was founded by their experience in the commercial floor preparation industry, which dates over 30 years ago. In that industry, they learned that little or no equipment existed that could perform concrete surface preparation in the fashion or timeliness that was demanded, so they built our own machines to do the job.

Existing equipment was redesigned from the inside out and tooling was engineered from scratch. Their R&D was committed to develop the best diamond tool technology for yielding the fastest possible product at the lowest possible cost per square foot.

IMPACTS Americas

IMPACTS Americas logoIMPACTS Americas is the exclusive North American distributor for IMPACTS GmbH, a shot blasting equipment manufacturer located outside of Cologne, Germany. Recognizing the need for a more efficient machine, IMPACTS GmbH began engineering and building their IMPACTS shot blasting product line in 2008.

Over the last ten years, the company has evolved into a well respected, recognized, and competitive brand throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Selling over 1,000 blasters in the United States, IMPACTS GmbH prides itself on manufacturing blasters with enhanced production rates, high composition of manganese for durability, and zero-degree turn radius for easy maneuverability.

IMPACTS Americas, based in Morris, Illinois, hosts a generous supply of inventory, parts, and consumables in addition to employing sales, service, and subject matter experts. Your next shot blaster is only a call or click away!


Airtec AG logoEveryone is familiar with the efficiency and precision of Swiss-made products: watches, clocks, elevators, and Bluetooth technology, to name a few. What you may not know is the world’s most productive and durable concrete scarifiers are also engineered and manufactured in Switzerland.

Airtec is a second-generation owned and operated company located just outside of Basil, Switzerland. Historically, Airtec has been, and continues to be, a global leader in surface preparation innovation and technology. The Wyser family helped pioneer modern day concrete scarifying equipment utilizing various power sources, introducing concrete shaving technology, and developing advanced cutter composites.

While many of their competitors have conceded to building and importing from Asia, Airtec has stayed true to their roots and continues to design and manufacture in Europe. Quality may not come cheap; however, we are confident you will discover that owning an Airtec machine increases production, decreases down time, and outlasts competitive equipment in your fleet. In short, you get what you pay for and owning quality isn’t something you find on the sales rack!

BMD is proud not only to represent Airtec scarifiers, but also their entire family of products, including the recently launched planetary grinder line. Eliminate broken belts, sheared pins, and malfunctioning electronics by enjoying Swiss precision in a planetary grinder!

Unlike many of their more recognized competitors, Airtec planetary grinders are not built generically to accommodate any market, they’re engineered and built especially for the U.S. market and U.S. power. They’re built to withstand jobsite abuse and out perform other models. So if you’re looking for an alternative to mainstream planetary grinders, we are confident the Airtec line will prove itself over and over.

Roll GmbH

Roll GmnH logoEngineered and built in Germany, the Roll family of products stands as a symbol of pride, ingenuity, and quality. For over forty years, the Roll family has been proudly, and successfully, designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art surface preparation equipment in Sonnenbuhl, a small village outside of Stuttgart, Germany. While the Roll name is widely recognized and respected throughout Europe, BMD is proud to be their first distributor within the United States.

Roll perfected the walk-behind floor scraper track propulsion system as an alternative to traditional wheel motors. While wheels tend to bog down and spin in place when faced with hardwood applications, the Roll track system replicates the motion of a military tank and, quite literally, plows through even the most resilient of materials.

When partnered with enhanced steel and metal composite blades, these unique floor scrapers provide high performance production accompanied with durability and reliability. Unlike its domestic competition, Roll floor scrapers are easily transported in and out of vehicles, or up and down stairs. They are specifically designed for one-man operation and do not require multiple laborers, cumbersome and expensive ramps, or hydraulic lifts to mobilize. Give these units a try and we guarantee you’ll be hooked on Roll!

Blastrac of North America

Blastrac of N.A. logoOne of the oldest and most prominent manufacturers in all of construction, the Blastrac brand is synonymous with quality, professionalism, and trust. Over many years of hard work, they have earned the reputation as a global leader in manufacturing of media blast equipment. Utilizing their decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise, Blastrac has launched the most sophisticated, reliable, and efficient series of ride-on floor scrapers currently available on the market.

These contemporary, yet powerful, machines are designed with the daily challenges of a jobsite in mind. Regardless if you choose the benefits of an emission-free, battery-powered model, or the elevated production speed of the propane series, Blastrac technology does not disappoint.

Manufactured in the U.S., Blastrac, NA is proud to support our domestic economy by patronizing U.S. vendors and employing engineering and manufacturing experts from the greater Oklahoma area. BMD is delighted to have partnered with Blastrac to represent these state-of-the-art machines.

Pulse Bac

Pulse-Bac logo“Those who stop seeking to improve will surely disappear.” This statement is exemplified no company better than Pulse Bac. The team at Pulse Bac resides in a state of perpetual advancement, constantly seeking to improve upon their last achievement. Because of this unparalleled attitude and work ethic, Pulse Bac dust collectors rank among the highest in breakthrough technology. It’s hard to keep up with the “Joneses” when you are the Joneses!

Never resting on their past accomplishments, Pulse Bac strives to lead and allows the competition to follow. Name recognition should not sell equipment — performance should; however, if you haven’t given Pulse Bac a try lately, you are neglecting industry advancements and sacrificing performance. Why settle for second best?

U.S. Saws

U.S. Saws logoU.S. Saws engineers and manufactures specialty saws and tools specific to the surface preparation, concrete repair, and industrial coatings industries. An advocate of “dust free” concrete cutting tools, U.S. Saws focuses their efforts on designing and manufacturing jobsite and environmentally-friendly equipment. With decades of innovative and conceptual design experience, U.S. Saws enjoys the reputation as an industry leader. Their equipment and tools should be staple items on any jobsite.

Smith Paints

Smith Paints logoOriginally founded in 1929, Smith Paints has earned the reputation as an industry patriarch in decorative concrete, industry coatings, and specialty products. With nine decades of experience supporting them, Smith Paints’s mission statement speaks more like a company biography — “Company excellence accredited to quality and customer care.”

Smith Paints began manufacturing coatings to supply the Central Pennsylvania region, but, since then, their family-owned business has evolved into sophisticated development of thousands of specialized chemical formulas designed for specific applications. They have focused their research and development on eco-friendly, low-odor products that not only protect flooring surfaces, but also the installers’ health.

Without compromise, Smith Paints exhausts endless avenues to identify and secure the highest quality raw materials. In conjunction with stringent manufacturing processes, Smith Paints ensures their customers receive dependable and consistent products time after time. With experienced chemists onsite, they are in the business of discovering solutions to complex industry problems. Smith Paints does not ask for your business, but rather an opportunity to earn it.