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Swiss-made products are known for their efficiency, precision, and long-lasting durability. From clocks and watches to Bluetooth technology, Swiss companies have a reputation for excellence that’s well-earned. In addition to those products, some of the world’s most durable, productive, and commonly used surface preparation equipment is engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, too.

Airtec AG – A Family Owned Global Leader

Founded by the Wyser family, Airtec is a second-generation owned and operated company located just outside of Basil, Switzerland. They helped pioneer modern day concrete surface preparation technology, developing advanced cutter composites, introducing concrete shaving technology, and developing their line of Airtec AG scarifiers.

While many companies have shifted their manufacturing to Asia, Airtec has stayed where they are, continuing to design and manufacturer the Airtec AG grinders, shaving machines, and scarifiers. This dedication shows in the quality of their equipment, as users discover that owning Airtec machinery improves production and outlasts other brands.

Airtec AG Scarifiers and Grinders

Airtec AG Scarifiers are designed to tackle all types of surface preparation tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Milling asphalt
  • Grooving and roughening concrete surfaces
  • Scabbling concrete, asphalt, and rubber
  • Removing rust, old paint, and thermoplastic coverings.
  • Cleaning industrial floors, ramps, walkways, and parking areas

BMD is proud not only to carry a variety of Airtec AG shaving machines and scarifiers, but also the line of planetary floor grinders and grinder accessories. Unlike traditional grinders, the planetary style eliminates the costly downtime that comes from broken belts, sheared pins, and malfunctioning electronics. While they are built with Swiss precision, the Airtec AG grinders are not built generically. They’re built specifically to outperform other models and withstand long hours of use.

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If you want a concrete scarifier or floor grinder that you can use for even the toughest tasks, Airtec is a trusted brand known for their quality equipment. To learn more, speak with a product expert today – contact us at  (815) 324-8071 or by filling out our contact form to get started!